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Throughout my career, I have always heard people claiming that they should have certain level of salaries or pay increments to justify the cost of living in Singapore. My stance is that to we should first and foremost prove our values or worth to the organization in order to make that sort of demand to your employers. Simply telling your bosses that the inflation rate is much higher than your pay increment is not a valid reason for a higher pay check. Today, during lunchtime, my boss shared with me his insights on how to achieve career success.

Why do some people succeed in life?

Have you ever wondered why do some people able to achieve career success despite them having mediocre academic qualifications? Apparently, there are unique traits that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd and that is the ability to see challenges differently. Successful  people would strive to prove their merits to  their bosses before demanding his desired pay package. Most importantly, they view challenges as opportunities, rather than obstacles. This trait spurs them to achieve goals and drive them to career success. When faced with challenges or setbacks, instead of whining, they remain resilient and bounce back from failures.


Winners Vs Whiners

Successful people are considered “winners” in every organization because they are viewed as problem solvers, rainmakers or go-to guys. They make things happen and embrace failures as an inevitable process to improve themselves.

Conversely, mediocre workers whine and complain whole day about their bosses and feel victimized over work issues. They also feel underpaid all the time and would only perform tasks which they feel they are employed to do.

If you assigned tasks beyond their so-called designated work-scope, they would reject them or show zero commitments to accomplish them. Instead of channeling their energy on solving problems for their bosses, they play office politics and try ways and means to divert the work. Thus, such people cannot be trusted to deliver on major projects. They are viewed as “whiners” and will not be promoted to carry heavy responsibilities in the organization.

Winning  the Game

Do you want to be a winner or loser? Winning the office game requires you to view challenges positively and learn from failures. Sometimes, in order to achieve career success, you are required to change your game plans, change your perspectives and perform tasks beyond your designated work scope. The secret behind successful people is that they view challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. They also view failures as part and parcel of growing and learning. So be flexible and stay resilient.

Money will come to you automatically once you have proven your value to the company.

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