You Are Not Making Enough Money

The following article is from Guest Blogger, Mike AdamsSales Performance Consultant, Corporate Fixer & Coach in Singapore. In one of my previous articles, I wrote on the importance of learning the art of selling in order to become a successful entrepreneur. This article resonates my thoughts that to be rich and successful in life, you must learn the rope of selling.I don’t know how much money you make but I am telling you, its not enough. You might make $100k a year or a $100k a month – it doesn’t matter, you and I need to make more.

If you are in sales and therefore have the ability and vehicle to write your own pay cheque, your duty is to go out and expand your income. Why? While it looks like the world economy is rebounding post 2009 it is in no way, shape or form back to boom times. Governments are struggling to find their feet and control debt and the government is not going to repair the world economy – business will! And it’s the sales people in businesses that can make this happen.

There is plenty of money in the markets; we just have to get it moving. We have to get it circulating and we, as sales professionals, can play our part. Sales professionals have the opportunity to make more money. Most other jobs are limited in their capacity to “create” more income through their direct actions. In sales you may not know how much income you are going to make month by month. For some that’s scary. Yet for others, knowing how much income they are going to make each month is scary! (knowing that it’s fixed/limited).

Economies need producers and consumers. People and businesses can do both – produce and consume. Don’t sit around waiting and hoping that the governments and banks will sort out the economy, get into action and sell more goods and services – create an economy.

Get money flowing through the action of your sales efforts. Make more income for yourself and your family and spend it. Book the holidays, buy the cars, rent or buy the homes, eat in restaurants, donate to charities and foundations, invest in business, buy the gifts, stay in the resorts, own the boat and invest wisely. But expand your income so you can expand your lifestyle and get more money moving through the economy.

Make more money. We can, we should, and we must. I don’t see any downside to this. But I don’t know which is the worse situation; not being able to change your income and produce more or having all the skills, opportunity, ability and resources to expand and produce and yet deciding not to. Actually, I do not know which one is worse. Get moving!

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