The Value Investors: Lessons from the World’s Top Fund Managers

When I was approached to do a book review on “The Value Investors: Lessons from the World’s Top Fund Managers” last year, I was quite hesitant because I don’t believe in fund managements. As a self-style investor, I prefer a more hands on approach to investing. Even if I lose my monies, at least I learnt some lessons out of my investment mistakes. However, when I chanced upon a review by another fellow blogger, I changed my mind.

Apparently this book is an investment-biography book which features interviews of twelve value-investing legends from around the world, learning how their personal background, culture, and life experiences have shaped their investment mindset and strategy. These men, who became strong advocates of the approach despite considerable age and cultural differences, include: Mark Mobius, Irving Kahn, William Browne, Teng Ngiek Lian, V-Nee Yeh, Shuhei Abe and many more.

The book’s focus is on the investment techniques and approach of value investing. The content is engaging and unravels how these investors, each of whom has a unique value perspective, have consistently beaten the stock market over the years. The book attempts to answer some pressing questions such as “Do these value-investing legends share a trait that allows this to happen?”, “Is there a winning temperament that turns the ordinary investor into an extraordinary one?” and much more.

‘The Value Investors’ is for individual investors who wish to diversify their portfolio across different asset classes or geographically or wish to understand how they can master the balance between art and science in investing.

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