Good time to buy physical gold?

SG Wealth Builder is pleased to conduct another interview with BullionStar Singapore on gold investments.

Recently, gold prices has dipped quite a lot. In your view, do you think its only a correction or the start of a bear trend for bullion?

Many relate the slump in prices due to the recovering US economy and news that the Feds are easing on their QE programs. Other factors include China, being a net importer of gold, not performing as well economically as expected and Cyprus selling its gold reserves to clear its debts.


However, as investors are dumping “paper” gold in the market, we are experiencing a completely opposite environment here in the physical precious metals market. People are rushing in to buy physical precious metals to take advantage of the low prices right now to the extent that the mints/refineries are not producing enough to meet demands.
We are looking at a 6-8 weeks lead time upon ordering and premiums are increasing because of the rise in demand.  With such heavy buying in the physical market, it will only be a matter of time when the investors and traders become bullish again and start to push the price of gold up.

BullionStar CEO

A good time to buy the yellow metal?
It’s always hard to pin point a good time to buy gold. Gold prices were USD 300-500 per troy ounce in the 80s. So does that mean to say we have missed the boat? One thing for sure is that gold has stood the test of time for over 6000 years, no fiat currency has ever manage to do that.

Gold has always retained, if not increased, its purchasing power. Having said that, given the recent drop in prices, yes this is definitely a good window to purchase precious metals.

There are several other online bullion shops in Singapore, like and, what makes stands out from the other competitors? How do overseas investors purchase from

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