Take advange of gold price’s correction!

Physical gold and silver buyers are once again treated with a surprise selloff in the gold and silver paper markets. Amidst high demand for physical bullion, especially in Asia, paper markets still set the price for real physical precious metals. At BullionStar, gold price and the price for physical precious metals are expected to decouple from each other eventually as physical demand continues to increase.

While western speculators are selling off paper gold, physical demand for gold is rising rapidly. In the World Gold Council’s Q2 report, demand for bullion and jewellery increased a whopping 53 % in the second quarter of 2013 compared to one year ago.

To put things into perspective, gold price has been on a bullish run for the past 10 years. The current correction should be seen as a healthy sign as the bull cycle for gold price comes to an end. Wealth builders should seize this opportunity to accumulate more physical gold as the gold price experience a soft landing.

Singapore is viewed by many international investors as the best place to buy and store gold because of its low crime rate and strong jurisdiction laws. However, low crime does not mean no crime. At the end of the day, you do not want to take the risk and should store your physical gold in secured facility. Most of the bullion dealers in Singapore sell popular gold and silver bullion but not many offer the services of storing bullion for their customers.

It is recommended that when choosing a secured facility for storing bullion, go for bullion dealers with strong reputation and you should also make a point to visit the place yourself.

Gold bullion

My Vault Storage®

Did you know that you can store your bullion in BullionStar’s vault? With “My Vault Storage®“, you can select specific bullion products for allocated segregated storage in your name. We photograph and seal your purchased items in tamper-evident security bags. You can then sell or take physical collection anytime 24/7 using our online interface.
With “My Vault Storage®”, BullionStar offers you:

  • Allocated bullion – no paper promises
  • Insured bullion – no risk for you
  • Easy-to use trading interface online
  • Buy, sell or withdraw at any time
  • Full legal direct ownership of all segregated items
  • Ownership certificate of your bullion
  • No reporting requirements or ties to foreign governments

BullionStar keep your metals insured and secure so you can relax.

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