Financial Independence (Getting to Point X)

Below is a press release on Financial Independence (Getting to Point X), a personal finance book. Readers can pick up valuable tips on how to manage personal wealth. 

Written by John J. Vento, an expert with decades of experience helping people of all walks of life realize their dreams of financial independence, Financial Independence (Getting to Point X): An Advisor’s Guide to Comprehensive Wealth Management (Wiley; March 2013; 978-1-118-46021-4) arms you with the knowledge and tools you need to get to your Point X—the point at which you no longer have to work for your money but where your money works for you.

Throughout our lives, we will encounter many questions and problems relating to money, but every one of them will fall, in some way, under one or more of the 10 Key Wealth Management issues addressed in this book.

No matter how you define your particular path to financial independence or “Point X,” whether it is an annual income of $25,000 or an estate of $250 million, you need to not only understand but effectively deal with 10 fundamental wealth management issues. They are:

  1. Committing to living within your means and conscientiously saving for the future;
  2. Understanding taxes and how to effectively minimize your tax obligation;
  3. Realistically defining your standard of living, including your net worth and your current cash flow;
  4. Managing debt;
  5. Insuring yourself and your family in case of extreme illness or death;
  6. Protecting your property;
  7. Planning for the education of yourself and your children;
  8. Investing intelligently and productively;
  9. Planning for retirement; and
  10. Preserving your estate.
These issues are interrelated, and how you deal with one very often will have an effect on how you treat the others. For example, if you fail to manage debt properly, you will find it difficult to save for a home of your own, your child’s education, or your retirement. Or, if you neglect to properly insure yourself against sickness or premature death, your spouse and family could be wiped out.

Woven into the issues of wealth management is a common variable. Throughout the book, Vento will provide facts and strategies that will focus on minimizing the most significant expenditure–taxes–and help you gain financial freedom. 

Financial Independence (Getting to Point X) is now available nationwide at all major bookshops and popular online e-book retailers. For a list of retailers that are available in your location, visit:

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