7 in 10 Singaporeans plan to change jobs in 2013

According to a survey done by online recruitment firm Jobstreet.com, nearly 75% of Singaporean workers are considering changing jobs in 2013. This is despite the anticipated economy slowdown and forecasted sluggish job market in Singapore. Among the top pull factors for a job switch are salary and career progression.
Money still rules
The report confirmed my view that in order to draw a better salary and climb up the ladder, there is a need to switch job. Typical salary increments in Singapore average about 3-5%. With this kind of increment, normal salaried Singaporean can barely meet the inflation and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
Even if job promotion is factored in, the increase in salary is probably $500 to $800. But if a better job offer comes along, the quantum increase is usually much higher. As a rule of thumb, job seekers should only consider switching job only if there is 20% hike in salary. There is no point switching companies for the sake of a few hundred dollars increment. You are better off staying in your current job and continue to build up your skills and networks.
When to jump ship
The report stated that the majority of the respondents singled out the first quarter as the best time to start a job hunt. This is not surprising as most employees would want to collect their bonuses before jumping ship. Most Singapore companies would have paid out their bonuses by the first quarter. Moreover, another factor to consider is that most job seekers would not want their bonuses in their new companies to be affected. If they joined their new companies later in the calendar year, their bonuses would be much pro-rated and reduced.

The report also indcated that “the market sentiment has improved from last year with only 50% of Singaporean workers expecting to take longer than 3 months to secure a job in 2013 compared to 70% in 2012. Companies are also taking a more optimistic approach to hiring with only 7% of employers not intending to hire this year instead of 20% in 2012”. This news is definitely reassuring for job seekers who intend to leave their companies for greener pastures.

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2 thoughts on “7 in 10 Singaporeans plan to change jobs in 2013

  • January 17, 2013 at 10:05 am

    it is indeed harder to look for a new job nowadays. Five years ago, I could just sent a handful of my cv, go for interviews in one or two companies and I definitely can get that job that I had applied. Now? Employers are becoming very picky and require you to double or triple hats! hence the 20% increment is not justifiable as you need to work in more functional areas!

  • January 22, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Interesting. How old are you? Are you Singaporean? I would like to know more so as to gather more information for my next article.

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