Lack of monetary wealth led to Kovan double murders?

The recent high-profile trial of former police officer over the Kovan double murders has shaken Singapore. To many, it is unbelievable that such violent murder case could have taken place in a city known for being one of the safest places on earth. Even more shocking is that the accused is a former police officer. I believe that this should be the first case of police officer being accused of murder in Singapore history and it really makes a huge dent in the public confidence of our law enforcers.

As the trial is still on going, I will reserve my judgement on the accused and assume that he is innocent. However, the matter of fact is that the accused had financial difficulties and was facing bankruptcy at the time of the murders. Apparently, he raked up bad debts after his divorce in 2005 and was unable to pay his car and mortgage loans. He also did not declare to his superior that he was financially embarrassed, thus he was taken off front-line duties as an internal investigation was launched against him.

Driven to desperation, the accused then devised a plan to steal from the victim, who had made a police report a few months ago over a theft from his safe deposit box. At this point, I like to highlight to readers the ugly truth of money. Money itself is not evil, rather it is the lack of money that creates trouble for the society. In this case, the lack of monetary wealth has eroded the high moral standing of a former police officer, who was forced to lower his moral standards and committed crimes (theft) after being driven to a corner. Again, I am not implying that the accused murdered the victim and his son. However, it is a fact that the defense built his case that he had intention to steal from the victims only, and not to kill.

Many people often ask themselves which is more important: moral wealth or monetary wealth. I used to wonder too. But after reading The Wealth Dragon Way, I was enlightened. In the book, the author highlighted that you may have high moral authority but if you have low monetary wealth, there are very limited ways you can do to help the others. Your capacity to reach out for your fellow men will be severely constraint because of the limited means to contribute to worthy causes. In some cases, if the high moral person is perpetually trapped in poverty or debt, he or she may be desperate and thus lower his moral standards and commit evil things.

What is your relationship with wealth? If you have not read the book, The Wealth Dragon Way, I would strongly encourage you to buy and digest it. It may change your perspective on wealth building and makes you realize that you are obliged to become rich so that you can do more to help the others.

Wealth Dragon

The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, the When & the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy (April 2015; Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-119-07783-1) is a new ‘go-to’ read for those seeking to change their lives, based on the psychology of money and how we can all achieve ‘infinite wealth’ in our lifetime. The authors of this work, two Anglo-Chinese self-made millionaires, ‘Wealth Dragons’ John Lee and Vincent Wong, reveal intimate stories from their past, right up to the present day, detailing their own Wealth Dragon Way. The key message for anyone reading this book is that we are all capable of changing our financial future; regardless of our age or the life we were born into. John and Vincent will show you how to build assets and create passive income through property investing and business ownership. But the starting point is you and your personal relationship with money. This work is published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb), a global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services that improve outcomes in research, professional practice, and education.

Commenting on the launch of this book, co-authors, John Lee and Vincent Wong, said:-

“We both grew up knowing what was expected of us by our families; what was traditional and deemed ‘acceptable in life’. Our parents’ generation took the safest road possible, they did not tolerate failure, and they took no risks. This was a cultural expectation as much as a life expectation. We believe that in life, if you don’t take risks you don’t move. Every action we take, whether it is our first ‘baby’ steps or setting up a business, there is risk involved. Entrepreneurs embrace risk because they understand this is part of the enlightened path towards infinite wealth.”

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