Difference between miser and smart spender

I always like to browse through some of my fellow blogger’s postings. I find many of their postings informative, useful and at times, engaging. In fact, their articles help to shape my current philosophy on life, personal developments and investments. I am just so glad to have embarked on this learning journey because it just keep making me become a better person. In this article, I am touching on the difference between miser and smart spender.

One of my favorite blogs is Janny Cole’s “How to be Rich, Happy and Free from Scams”. One unique aspect of her postings is that she covered both United States and Singapore financial tips and news.

In her latest posting, I learned something new again and that is the difference between miser and smart spender. I agreed with her wholeheartedly that time is money and that if your hourly income is more than what you would pay for someone to do the household chores, then hiring domestic helper makes perfect financial sense.

Smart spender

Working or doing business in Singapore is already so stressful and at the end of a busy tiring day, the time saved on doing household chores can be invested to relax, build bond with family or brainstorm new investing ideas.

I like that part about outsourcing household chores in order to spend time on planning our finances or investment strategies. Most Singaporeans are so engrossed in their daily lives and work that many fail to take time off to reflect on our present financial situation. I am no exception.

Being the sole breadwinner and I spent long hours at office. At the end of a long hard day, I have only time for my family. I consider my wife and my baby daughter the greatest pride of my life and they mean everything to me. Going forward, I plan to spend more time with my family and outsource part of the household chores to a part-time domestic helper.

I also calculated that the amount of time saved on outsourcing household chores can be spent on personal development. Thus, being a smart spender, I hope to attend seminars to sharpen my investment knowledge. Of course, like what Janny pointed out in her blog, any personal development seminars/courses is a good investment provided if you act on what you learned. Going to many seminars or courses will not make you a better person unless you put the things you learned into practice.

Are you a smart spender? I hope you learned something new from this post. Enjoy the journey.

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2 thoughts on “Difference between miser and smart spender

  • June 16, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Thomas,

    To a large extent, I agree with you. But when you talk about investment, you expect some form of returns. For some people. they develop themselves not for monetary gains, but to grow themselves in terms of spiritual or emotional.


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