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Below is a piece of editorial from BullionStar, a bullion dealer based in Singapore which exempted investment grade precious metals from the goods and services tax (GST). Just like BullionStar, one of the the goals of SG Wealth Builder is to educate Singaporeans on the merits of owning gold and silver bullion as a means of wealth preservation. This article will discuss where to buy authentic gold in Singapore.

We often get questions on the authenticity of different products.

How can I know it’s really gold?

How can I test?

Is there a certificate of authenticity included?

Let’s address the last question first. Most bullion bars and bullion coins don’t come with any certificate of authenticity. The refinery’s stamp on the coin or bar is the refinery’s guarantee of the authenticity.

gold bullion Singapore

It’s after all much easier to fake a piece of paper certificate than it is to fake the metal. As a matter of fact, a metal can’t be faked, it can only be imitated in regards to some characteristics but never all.

One of the most important characteristics for gold is its high density. The density for gold is 19.3 g/cm3 which is almost the highest density of all elements on earth. This means that if you use another metal, let’s say e.g. copper which has a density of 8.96 g/cm3, to try to replicate the visuals of a gold bar, the bar will become much larger assuming the same weight.

The only metal close to gold in density is Tungsten. Tungsten has a density of 19.6 g/cm3. This means that a tungsten bar is very close in volume to a gold bar which is what you might have seen on Youtube.

Fortunately though, it’s easy to differentiate Tungsten from Gold.

The speed of sound when traveling in gold is 3240 m/s whereas it’s 5200 m/s for tungsten. The sound speed can easily be measured with an ultrasonic gauger.

When you buy metal from BullionStar, we guarantee the authenticity. We test our metals thoroughly and most all products sold by us come directly from the refinery/mint.

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