BullionStar: Job Opportunities and Bitcoin Payments

The following newsletter is from BullionStar, a Singapore online bullion company where you can buy gold and silver at competitive prices.We are excited to have released a number of new products lately.

Heareus Silver Bars 

The Heraeus Silver Bars are very attractively priced. The 10 oz Heraeus bar is actually comparable in price per oz to larger bars and significantly cheaper per troy ounce compared to 1 oz coins. We currently have Heareus bars available in 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz.

Singapore minted Gold Bars
These gold bars are unique as they are the only gold bars minted with Singapore themed design. We currently have three different motifs in stock – the 50 gram Singapore Orchid gold bar, the 100 gram Marina Bay Sands gold bar and the 100 gram Merlion gold bar.

Chow Tai Fook Gold Bars
We have limited pieces of the beautiful .9999 Chow Tai Fook gold bars. They have the popular Chinese creatures such as the dragon, phoenix and horse exquisitely etched into them. These gold bars are easily sold at a much higher premium at Chow Tai Fook retail stores.
We have the 50g dragon, 100g horse, 112g dragon & phoenix and 200g horse gold bars.
If you have plans to give gold bars as gifts, this is a great opportunity to buy these beautiful gold bars at a steep discount!

Payments for precious metals in Bitcoin coming soon!

We intend to start accepting payments for precious metals in Bitcoins before the end of April!

We will then start to quote prices in BTC and you will be able to pay us directly with Bitcoins. It will be just as simple and straightforward as other payment methods. We should be able to release your items within one hour of you sending the payment. Check back on our website in about two weeks for more information!

BullionStar career opportunities
BullionStar is growing quickly and is currently hiring exceptional talent for different positions. If you are interested in the bullion industry and are convinced that you can add quality to the BullionStar team, get in touch with us! Feel free to send in your CV even if your preferred position is not advertised currently.

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