Opportunity is like a ball. Sometimes when the ball is passed to you, you may not have ample time to think and execute the ideal actions. A professional player will grasp the opportunity and went on to score crucial points. Mediocre ones will let opportunity slip.

Recently, I chanced upon www.data.gov.sg, a useful website for entrepreneurs and Singaporeans to search and access publicly available data published by the Singapore Government. This website contains many wonderful data and apps, such as Activtify, EduChoices, etc. Besides government data and metadata, data.gov.sg also offers a listing of applications developed using government data, as well as a resource page for developers.

Stock investing

In today’s context, whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or full-time investor, data is important to help you forms important decisions. Those who are able to analyze the situation will seize the opportunity to grow wealth, build wealth and create wealth.

Take for example if you are choosing the university courses to enroll, the website is able to provide valuable data for you to crunch. If you are an investor, you would be interested in the health of the economy and business sentiments. If you are an employee, you may be interested in the data on job vacancies in the market. If you are looking for an HDB, you would be keen to identify the highest and lowest property prices so as to grab the opportunity to build a better life for your loved ones.

Over in SG Wealth Builder, I have started to analyze the data of my blog traffic. My analysis has provided me interesting trends and behaviors of my readers. This has allowed me to write content that are more interesting and relevant to readers. In view of this, I am taking actions to develop a new dimension for this blog.

My vision for this blog is that it becomes a useful and valuable informational portal that Singaporeans would love to visit. Going forward, to be more targeted, I would make it a point to source data from this government website and share useful blog articles relating to investing, careers and entrepreneurship. I hope readers would benefit from this sharing.

Please stay tune and enjoy the ride.

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