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Special appeal to all Singaporeans to support Adelyn

Many times, we took our health for granted. It is only when we lost our health, then we truly appreciate the beauty of life. I chanced upon this blog by a Singaporean girl called Adelyn Xinhui. She is born with cornea defect. I think many Singaporeans would recognise her face as she appeared in several Mediacorp charity shows before.

Xinhui has just released a music album, hoping to raise money for a cornea transplant operation. The operation cost more than $40k for each eye. Please read her story in ( In a gesture of support, my wife and me had bought one copy from her mom. Please help to spread the words around.

This operation may offer the girl a chance to lead a new lease of life and she genuinely needs help from fellow Singaporeans. I believe most of us can spare $20 to do a good cause.

Below is an extract from Adelyn’s blog:

My name is Adelyn. I am 10 years old. I was born with cornea defect called “Peter Anomaly”. I was sent for 4 times of cornea transplant when I was between 8 to 12 month old. However, all the cornea was rejected. Today, I can only visual lights, shadows and colors.

I started learning piano when I was 3 year old and now I am in Grade 5. I am always curious about things that happened around me. I like to explore new things. I can’t see, but I can feel.

I had tried out horse riding, ballet dancing, Inline skating and many other more. Currently, I am learning violin and going for Grade 1 examination in September.

Last year, my mother learned from the media there is a new type of cornea transplant “Boston Kpro”. It is a type of artificial cornea transplant which suit my eyes condition. Therefore, my mother hope to send me for this type of transplant which cost estimate $40k per eye.

I like to play piano very much. I also like to try out different kind of music. I even tried out to compose my own music pieces. I spent almost 2 years to compose 4 music pieces and finalise the complete pieces, and I always wish to have a chance to share my music with the world.

Today, I finally have the opportunity to share my music piece. It might not be the perfect one, but I do really produce this piece whole heartily. Hope you will like it.

Words from Adelyn’s Mummy, Mary Lim;

Adelyn is a cheerful and optimistic girl. She is always very curious and asked a lot of questions.

She always wonder how the people and things surround her look like. She also very much wants to see herself too.
There is no best gift to be given to her, other than sending her to do the transplant again. How high is the successful rate?? Some may ask. According to eye specialist, her vision is now equivalent to 0%.  No one able to guarantee it will be successful, but there will be totally no hope if we do not try at all.

This is Adelyn’s only Hope and my only Wish.

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  • Previously I posted 4 of my blog articles in an investment forum called ValueBuddies and was warned by the moderator for spamming.

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