10 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

Although money makes the world go round, you may find yourself in a spin by not having sufficient funds in your bank account. But if you struggle to make ends meet, feel as though your pay cheque doesn’t go far enough or simply want some extra cash to spend on life’s luxuries, then consider giving one or more of the following 10 easy money-making tips a try:

1. Forex trading

Short for foreign exchange, forex is the largest financial market in the world and allows anyone to take advantage of currency fluctuations caused by interest rates, inflation, government policy, and a wide range of other factors. It has fewer barriers than other forms of trading and is simple to get going.

 2. Online surveys

Research companies are always on the look out for members of the public to answer online surveys and test new products. This can be done while watching TV or before you go to bed at night and will result in either cold hard cash or another type of reward.

 3. Sell your holiday snaps

You don’t have to be a professional to sell photographs, as stock image agencies constantly need new and novel images of far-flung foreign destinations for their databases. Every time somebody buys one of your snaps, you will be given a royalty fee.

 4. Recycle old electrical items

 As opposed to the rigmarole of creating an auction listing or online classified ad, why not go down the hassle free route of a recycling site instead? Tell them what you have got and they will give you a price. Simple.

5.  Become a life model

Only certain personalities might have the courage to be a life model, but you don’t need the body of an Adonis to make money this way. Colleges and university classes require people of all shapes and sizes to pose for budding artists learning their craft.

6. Rent out your property or premises

If you have got a spare room in your house, consider taking on a lodger. If you aren’t home for prolonged periods of time, think about letting tourists stay on a sharing economy site. Or if there is room for a car outside your property, let someone else park their for a fee.

7. Sell your skills

You might not think much of the fact you can play a musical instrument or speak another language, but there is the opportunity to sell these skills by teaching others. This doesn’t have to involve your spare-time hobbies and can be related to your actual job too. If you’ve got expertise, people will pay to tap into it.

8. Help the local community

Not only will you be doing a good deed by babysitting your neighbour’s infant or taking an elderly person’s dog for a walk, you could make yourself a pretty penny as well.

9. Hold a car boot or garage sale

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. So, stifle through your unwanted possessions, get rid of all that clutter and make some money at the same time by holding a car boot or garage sale.

10. Sign up to be an extra

Do you see yourself as a bit of an actor? Or do you just want to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a television set? Either way, you can sign up to be an extra and get paid for the privilege.

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