A new milestone for SG Wealth Builder

SG Wealth Builder stormed past 51,000 page views today. This is a new milestone for my blog and to be honest, I am very pleased that my blog’s readership has been rocketing over the last six months. Although I started this blog three years ago, I stopped blogging for quite a while in 2011 because of work commitments. At the end of 2011, page views for my blog was 8500 only.

The increasing popularity of SG Wealth Builder is a compliment and serves to reinforce in me that this blog is going in the right direction. I hope that by the end of this year, my blog can reach 100,000 page views. I believe this is achievable if I continue to blog frequently and share with my readers my investment thoughts.

SG Wealth Builder
Maybe its a form of job hazard but I have a habit of reviewing my blog’s performance. If you noticed, I have changed my blog’s template recently. This is to give my blog a refreshed look. Even with this fresh look, my focus will still be bringing quality content for my readers. In this regard, readers can look forward to more of my stock analysis and outlook on the stock market.

Some readers emailed me and commented that they prefer the previous template as the sidebars can be seen. I appreciate their constructive feedback and will consider switching back to the old template.

Some readers have also blasted me for not replying their comments in SG Wealth Builder. I would like to apologise that due to my busy schedule, I am unable to reply all the messages in my blog. So I hope my readers would not be offended and take it too personal.

In any case, my blog is meant to share ideas and thoughts, so if I did not response to your messages, I hope you would also welcome views from the others who replied to your comments. I look forward to your continued support and wish you luck in your investment journey.

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