The one million dollar question

If you were given a choice between having one million dollar and gaining the ability to make multi-millions, which one would you choose? I suppose most of us would dream of getting rich quick.

Many people, including me, would normally choose having one million dollar. After all, its human nature to dream of being rich, not having to work and to indulge ourselves. But look, how long can the million dollar lasts? Especially in Singapore, where the cost of living is so high. With a million dollar, you can probably pay off your car loan, housing loan and afford not to work for about 5 years. The million dollar probably would not be able to last you a lifetime. At least not in Singapore.

Many years ago, when I was studying in NUS, one of my school mate confided in me how much hated his father, who had struck the lottery big time TWICE. I wondered why and he told me that his father quitted his job, spent all his prize money within a couple of years and became a drunkard. His mother, who used to be a housewife, ironically has to look for a job to support the family. This lesson made me realized that even if you are blessed with a lot of money, if you don’t have the financial discipline and knowledge, you will still be financially defeated at the end of the day.

So always make sure you have good financial discipline. Otherwise, even if you have lots of money, it will be gone in a matter of time.

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