Through the years, this blog has garnered increasing readership and email subscribers. The demographics of my readers are mostly Singaporeans aged 19 and above. Most of them are interested in finding out how to build up their wealth and become rich in Singapore.

Due to this, in recent years, my blog has attracted interests from financial start ups and companies wishing to target their branding or advertising activities. Henceforth, I have the privileges to work with many local and international companies to launch content marketing and online campaigns for their products and services. Below are a list of my esteemed clients:

1) Property Club Singapore
2) Bullion Star
3) Key Location
4) John Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte Ltd
5) Wall Street Survivor
6) Tradeology
7) Pancentric Digital
8) Confused Now
9) Vibrant Media
10) Be Money Savvy Today
11) Capital Match

12) The Central Provident Fund Board

13) SGX


If your company is keen to launch digital campaigns through my blog, feel free to contact me at With a network of financial bloggers, you can reach out and connect with your targeted audiences through my blog, SG Wealth Builder (


Have you ever wondered why are there so many reported cases of Singaporeans losing monies in their investments (think MiniBond and Genneva Gold)? Why is it so important to start your wealth building journey early and devise passive income streams? Is there a structured way to become a better investor? How do you do a proper research on your investments?

To address the above issues, SG Wealth Builder is an initiative that seeks to enhance the basic financial literacy of Singaporeans. The social mission of this blog is to empower Singaporeans to make better financial decisions through the sharing of knowledge and best practices. Ultimately, the vision of the blog owner, Gerald, is to equip Singaporeans with the basic money management competency, make a social impact and inculcate the right social value.

Gerald has a day job and is not a full-time blogger. He also does not work in the financial industry and is not a licensed financial adviser. The articles reflect solely his own opinions and do not represent the views of any organizations. As such, the materials contained within this blog are not meant to be of advisory nature and readers must not misconstrue the information as financial advice.

Notwithstanding the above, Gerald thinks that he can play a role in imparting his knowledge gained from his wealth building journey and contributes meaningfully to the society. Through the interaction and engagement with readers, he believes that in the long run, his readers will be able “to grow money, to become rich and to preserve wealth”.

The aim of this blog is to become self-sustainable in the near future and generate enough funds from the advertisements or affiliate programs to cover the expenses needed for maintaining this blog. It strives to maximize social benefits without relying on donations from readers. However, to improve the quality of this blog, there are several initiatives in the pipeline that Gerald hope readers can offer their funding support:

1) Consultancy fees for website developer to enhance features in this blog
2) Recruitment of editorial staff to rectify grammar and vocabulary mistakes
3) Expenses incurred for professional development
4) SEO costs to reach out to the local community

Gerald will like to assure readers that donations are not obligatory and that the content in this blog will continue to remain free and accessible to all. Any amount of funding are welcome, so please lend your support to this meaningful social cause and drop him an email ( for more details on how to donate.

Magically yours


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  1. Good Day Gerald,

    I am an avid reader of your website and am impressed by your wealth of knowledge and generosity in sharing to the public.

    On a side note, I hope to have my website, to be under your website’s blogger list.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I have added your website to my blogger list. Hope you will do so as well.
    By the way, congratulation for having such a successful finance blog!
    I was really impressed by your list of partners.

    SG Wealth Builder

  3. cheers SG Wealth Builder,

    I really like the content of your website and has even directed my followers to use the ‘Monthly Repayment Calculator’ on calculating their mortgage financing for property. really useful website!

    big thumbs up!

  4. Heya Gerald, your website has pretty good stuff…
    would love to hear more from you on gold and silver holdings in Singapore =)
    A silver coin a week, is what Rich Dad would say ^.^

  5. Hey Gerald, really good information you have on your site. Looking forward to more information on your entrepreneurship articles.

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