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To succeed in your personal finance journey, you need to acquire the right knowledge in the various form of wealth building strategies. One of the ways is to achieve this is through reading. However, reading is a very passive form of learning because you are merely downloading information. There is lack of interaction and exchange of ideas which would otherwise, result in a better decision-making outcome.

That is why I believe that attending seminars would help to broaden a wealth builder’s perspective. Make no mistake, I am not advocating you to sign up for those investment seminars that attempt to hard sell you their so-called secret money making formulas. Neither do I believe that you pay thousands of dollars to attend a wealth building or internet marketing seminar.

However, I do think that there are many affordable yet credible money seminars in the market that offer investors the opportunity to learn and at the same time, network with successful investors. One of them is the Profit Mastery Seminar conducted by Wealth Directions.

The local company is celebrating their 5th year anniversary the best way they know how. That is to share their knowledge about financial planning and investment. During this one day event, they have lined up a few speakers that will talk about:

1)      Getting the right investment mind set

2)      Key to good retirement planning

3)      Market outlook and many more

Similar to past event, Wealth Directions is keeping the cost low to encourage more participants to join. For only $20, you can get to hear what the money gurus’ views on the markets and their investment insights.

Here are the details that you might want to take note:

1)      Name: Profit Mastery Seminar

2)      Date: 27th Sep 2015 (Sunday)

3)      Time: 1 pm to 6 pm (registrations starts at 12:15pm)

4)      Location: 7th floor, NTUC Auditorium at 1 Marina Boulevard.

If you have not sign up, you may do so at here. In this haze situation, spending $20 for an indoor seminar to enhance your financial knowledge may not be a bad idea. Look out for one of the speakers, Brendan Yong. He will be touching on the topic on how to weather-proof your retirement plan. I have met him before and I personally found him to be a good guy with deep knowledge in the area of insurance. In fact, I have written an email interview with him before.

Wealth Directions Pte Ltd was founded in year 2010 and have educated more than 10,000 students in personal financial literacy.

They have conducted numerous financial related courses and workshops for fellow investors in Singapore. Recently, they have also organised the Inaugural Financial Blogger Investment Seminar with some of the top financial bloggers like Big Fat Purse,  Dr Wealth, Cheerfuegg etc.

With the mission to help 1 Million Millionaires, Wealth Directions Pte Ltd aims to be the leading provider of Financial Education in Singapore and the region.

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