Making a Smart Move for Your Mortgage

An Information and Networking Luncheon by Property Club Singapore

In the coming months, my mortgage loan will be due for refinancing. Under the loan agreement, I am supposed to be paying interest fees at board rates set by the bank and the interest fees payable are scheduled annually accordingly. The fees payable is of course much lower than the HDB concessionary rate.

However, last month, I received a surprise upward revision in the interest fees, probably due to the soaring SIBOR rates in the market. This triggered me to check the term and conditions in the loan agreement, which stated that the bank actual reserves the rights to revise the fees according to market conditions. In my opinion, this is a fair clause and I am not complaining about the bank practice. But I thought that as an engineer by profession, I should have factored in safety margins in my mortgage loan to cater for such unexpected circumstances.

While the additional amount to be forked out is small because my mortgage loan is not much, many others in Singapore may be starting to feel the heat from the rising SIBOR rates. Aspiring homeowners, upgraders and investors are starting to feel the pain as banks start to adjust the refinancing and repricing packages. Incidentally, Property Soul, Singapore’s leading property blogger, invited me to her mortgage luncheon Making a Smart Move for Your Mortgage Information and Networking Luncheon this Saturday at NTUC Centre.

With the rising SIBOR rates hitting the home loan market, how would it affect homeowners? What precautions should property owners and investors take to cushion the impact of interest rate hike? How to make a strategic choice out of refinancing, repricing and restructuring? What are the legal implications that all borrowers should know when financing their properties?

Get first-hand updates and invaluable insights from experts in the industry. Join us at the luncheon with over 140 minutes for group discussion, peer-to-peer networking and visit at information booths.

Event Details

Date : August 1, 2015 (Sat)
Time : 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Venue: NTUC Centre


Introduction and ice-breaking
All attendees

Rising SIBOR: Are we entering a new era of interest rate hike?
Ms Audrey Goh, Senior Investment Strategist, Standard Chartered Bank

Property financing strategies: Prepayment, repricing or refinancing?
Mr Wayne Quek, Director, Home Loan Whiz

Group discussion: Housing loan scenario analyses
All attendees

Legal issues concerning property financing
Mr Rayney Wong, Lawyer, Vision Law LLC



Member: $45 (1 pax), $70 (2 pax)
1. Registration fee includes buffet lunch and a goodie bag from Standard Chartered Bank.
2. Seats are limited. Registration will be closed once function room reaches full capacity.

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