BullionStar launches new silver products and bullion competition

Below is a newsletter from BullionStar, a bullion dealer based in Singapore which exempted investment grade precious metals from the goods and services tax (GST). Just like BullionStar, one of the the goals of SG Wealth Builder is to educate Singaporeans on the merits of owning gold and silver bullion as a means of wealth preservation.

Nadir Silver Bar Promotion 

Nadir Silver Bars are produced by the LBMA certified Nadir Refinery. The Nadir Silver Bars known for their attractive price premium offering investors more silver for their money.

Nadir is one of very few LBMA certified companies to produce 250 gram and 500 gram silver bars. As the price per gram for these bars is lower than for coins, they may serve as a good alternative to silver coins.

We currently run an exceptional time-limited offer for these silver bars reducing the price premium as much as 40 % compared to the normal price! The offer is valid until 24 May or while stocks last.

Nadir Silver Bar 250 gram

Current time-limited price: Spot price of silver + 9.9 % regardless of quantity bought!

Nadir Refinery Silver Bar – 500 gram

Current time-limited price: Spot price of silver + 8.4 % regardless of quantity bought!

Nadir Refinery Silver Bar – 1 kg 

Current time-limited price: Spot price of silver + 7.9 % regardless of quantity bought!


Video Competition 

Let your creativity loose and shoot a video of your bullion bought from BullionStar to Win Big!

Record a video with bullion bought from BullionStar. We’ll leave the ideas up to you. Perhaps you want to shoot your bullion together with Singaporean landmarks or talk about how you stack bullion from BullionStar.

The length of your video must be between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. E-mail your video or a link to your video to support@bullionstar.com no later than 21 June to stand a chance to win the below prizes at our 3 year anniversary in the beginning of July.

1st prize: 30 oz silver bars from Heraeus
2nd prize: 10 oz silver bar from Heraeus
3rd prize: 5 oz silver bar from Heraeus

The jury consists of the BullionStar staff members. BullionStar reserves the right to the usage of the videos sent in. BullionStar reserves the right to issue more than three prizes in case there are more than three suitable videos or less than three prizes in case there’s not enough suitable videos sent in. The jury’s decision is final.

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