SGX launches stock and company information portal StockFacts for investors

Singapore Exchange (SGX) launched a new research and company fundamentals portal on its website.
The portal, called SGX StockFacts, has several features, including:
  • A comprehensive research database, covering stock fundamentals for all SGX-listed companies
  • Customised search, giving investors flexibility to filter stocks across 20 screening criteria
  • New proprietary tools, including S&P Capital IQ Alpha Factor Composites, which ranks stocks based on eight investment style classifications
  • Ability to chart a company’s financials for the last five years
  • Downloading and printing of company snapshots for easy analysing
Mita Natarajan, Head of Corporate Services, Listings, SGX, said: “SGX has enhanced many aspects of the stock market in recent months. The SGX StockFacts portal, which presents vital research and stock fundamentals on all SGX-listed companies in a user-friendly way, is yet another improvement to add value to investors and companies. It will help investors make more informed investment decisions, raise the visibility of our companies and add vibrancy to the stock market.”
SGX StockFacts is collaboration between SGX and S&P Capital IQ, a business unit of McGraw Hill Financial and a provider of multi-asset class research, data and analytics.

It can be accessed through SGX’s corporate website at The url for the press release is

My view on StockFacts
To build wealth and make money through stock investment, you must first and foremost have access to objective data. The good thing about this platform is that it provides research database free-of-charge to investors. The fundamentals for all SGX companies are mostly covered, like ROE, debt, cash flow and dividend yields. But beyond these, I think the best feature for novice investors should be the S&P Capital IQ Alpha Factor Composites, which are metrics showing the company’s ranking in eight categories that are likely to affect its price. The platform is quite easy and I used it to evaluate on Hotung Investments, one of the stocks I am currently monitoring.

The first downside of this platform I noticed is that it limits the screening criteria. Well, I suppose that is what you get for free stuff but it can be quite frustrating for investors who want to include more criteria in their stocks comparison.

The next important thing that investors need to note is that stock screening platforms provide basic snapshots of a company’s performance only. The information do not provide qualitative information, such as the quality of profits, management performance, industry outlooks and etc. Ultimately, investors have to look beyond the data and analyze the facts before making investment calls.

But my conclusion is that StockFacts is good stuff for investors just starting out in shares investing.

Magically yours,
SG Wealth Builder


One thought on “SGX launches stock and company information portal StockFacts for investors

  • October 10, 2015 at 1:13 am

    How do you read the S&P Capital IQ Alpha Factor Composites?

    Example for Valuation, the left of the bar is UNDER and the right of the bar is OVER. When you see 4 green bars from the left to right, what does it mean?

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