Singapore Stock Market Highlights

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Singapore stock market came in limelight on 1st December, 1999. This provides different services related to securities and derivative trading facilities. SGX is a member of the WFE (World Federation of Exchanges) and Asian and Ocean stock exchanges federation.
Measure the stock value
In Singapore several renowned companies are listed on the SGX stock market. These companies are good for the economy and wealth of the city. Times to time market values of these listed companies are changed therefore to track changes of the market values Singapore stock market provides market indices such as:
§ SGX Indices
§  BT Singapore Regional Index
§  Straits Times Index
§  FTSE/ASEAN Indices
§  FTSE ST Catalist Index
§  UOB Catalist Index
§  Prime Partners China Index
§  Asia Shariah 100 Index
§  SiMSCI, MSCI India
§  A50
§  FTSE Xinhua China.
 By the use of these stock market indices investors could easily measure the value of the stock, stock market or price of selected stocks.
Market value of listed companies
The market value of the share price is calculated on the number of shares outstanding.

In 2011 the market value of listed companies is $308,320,000,000. According to 2012 statistics SGX reached turnover 321.5 Billion Singapore dollars, down 12% compared with the last year. As of January 2010, SGX has 640 listed companies and 134 catalyst listings. Some of companies are:


1.       Sonic Aerospace Limited: – This Company has two areas of businesses, aerospace engineering-related business and logistics.  This operates in 36 cities in 13 countries, spanning three continents Asia, Americas and Europe. The market capitalization is 28.6 million.
2.       Asia Food and Properties Limited Singapore: – This is an investment and holding company. This is engaging in property and food business through its investments in Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. The market capitalization is 1,571.88 Million.
3.       Singapore Technologies Engineering Limited: – This engaged in engineering and related services. This operates in four segments: Aerospace provides maintenance and engineering services; Electronics designs, developments and integrations of advanced electronics and communications systems; Land Systems deliver integrated land systems, specialty vehicles and their related through life support for defense, homeland security and commercial applications, and Marine provides building, repair and conversion services for a wide spectrum of naval and commercial vessels. The market capitalization is $13,102.63 million.
4.       Hotel Properties Limited Singapore: – This is an investment and holding company. This operates 24 resorts and hotels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bhutan, Maldives etc. Manage own portfolio of hotels. This provides project management, administrative, privilege cards, and information services, as well as operate shopping galleries and casinos. The market capitalization is 1.6 billion.
5.       King Wan Corporation Limited: – This is an investment and holding company. This provides electrical and mechanical engineering services for the construction of industries and buildings in Singapore. The market capitalization is 96 million.
6.       Sim Lian Group Limited: – This is an investment and holding company. In Singapore this is involved in building construction, property investment and development activities. This operates as a general builder and construction contractor. It’s also engage in trading industrial and marine lubricants, manufacturing, leasing, trading, servicing, and maintaining construction and industrial equipment and parts; leasing, servicing, and maintaining mobile sanitation facilities; and leasing warehouse and industrial buildings, industrial factory buildings, and shop units. The market capitalization is 885.2 million.
7.       Overseas Union Enterprise Limited Singapore: – This provides hospitality services in Singapore, Indonesia, China and Malaysia. This has operated, manages and promotes various hotels. This company also involved in the property investment activities, development and sale of agent services, licenses trademarks services and property management services. The market capitalization is 2.6 Billion.
Singapore is highly developed, successful, economically balanced and competitive market in the world. It has a pro – business environment, stable price rate, low tax rates ad highest per-capita gross domestic products (GDP) compared to other developed economies. Therefore investors want to invest in Singapore dividend stocks for more growth and passive income.
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