Transforming the Concept of “Business as Usual”: How Augmented Reality (AR) is Impacting the Asian Marketplace

It is no secret that Asia is quickly becoming a global economic powerhouse. In fact, some analysts believe that American dominance within this portion of the world is coming to an abrupt end (1). There are many reasons behind this paradigm shift and one of the most relevant involves the ways in which technology is being deployed across the online retail sector. Augmented reality is a perfect example of how smart businesses are leveraging the power of the digital revolution. Let’s take a closer look at how these innovative systems function before highlighting some of their primary benefits.

AR 101: Taking the Online Shopping Experience to an Entirely New Level 

We should first appreciate that the concept of AR has been in existence for some time. It was first seen within the real estate sector, as potential customers could access 360-degree perspectives of a home or an apartment. However, these systems were rather crude and their capabilities were decidedly limited. Technology has come a long way and AR can now be used by even smaller online enterprises in order to actively promote their top-selling products.


AR essentially employs a series of images so that a specific item can be viewed from multiple angles. This helps customers better appreciate what is being offered. AR can be particularly useful during the buying process, as other functions such as the possibility of zooming in or out are also included. Whether referring to a piece of high-end furniture, a bicycle or a new car, products will be presented in an entirely new light. These are several advantages which can be directly attributed to such an approach. Some examples include:

  • Customers will have a better idea of what they are purchasing.
  • AR dramatically enhances the overall engagement process.
  • Products will literally “jump off of” the screen.
  • Buyer confidence is boosted.

So, how can small- to medium-sized Asian enterprises use this unique software to their advantage?

Putting Your Best (Digital) Foot Forward 

There are many third-party e-commerce platforms which now offer AR as a portion of their overall merchandising packages. However, it is wise to choose reputable firms such as Shopify; they offer a level of flexibility that might not otherwise be possible through smaller providers.

It is also prudent to take a look a your top-selling items. As these have already proven to be the most popular, it makes sense to incorporate AR into their presentation. In fact, many astute entrepreneurs make sure that such a feature is presented on their homepage. This will immediately attract visitors and positively contribute towards the overall engagement process.

We should fully expect to see AR become an increasingly pivotal portion of the online retail sector throughout Asia during the new few years. This is excellent news for businesses of all size, as such technology has become quite affordable. If you have been hoping to boost sales while attracting a wider audience, AR is an excellent option to employ.

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