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SG Wealth Builder is part of Singapore Memory Project

I am pleased to inform readers that SG Wealth Builder has been invited by National Library Board (NLB) to be part Singapore Memory Project (SMP). This is indeed an honour and a form of recognition for SG Wealth Builder.
SMP is a national initiative to collect, preserve and provide access to Singapore’s knowledge materials. Spearheaded by NLB, the SMP aims to build a national collection of content in diverse formats, to preserve them in digital form and make them available for discovery and research.

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A home for my memories
By pledging my blog to SMP, I affirmed that every memory matters. In doing so, I think I have found a home for my memories and expression of thoughts.

When I started this blog three years ago, I wanted it to be passed down to my future generation for memory sake. I wanted my children to understand my investment insights and the financial lessons gained in my lifetime. Over the years, however, there were requests from guest bloggers to be featured in my blog, so gradually this blog has morphed into something different. Eventually, I hope it becomes a portal that allows readers to have better understanding of Singapore.

My blog, my hobby
My wife always ask me why do I spend so much effort on this blog. After all, I am unable to earn any income from it. My answer is that this is my hobby and that sometimes in life, you cannot measure happiness in terms of money.

Although I don’t work in the finance sector, I believe I have a role to play in the investment community, be it gold, stocks or property. One day, I hope to be an advocate for personal finance literacy through SG Wealth Builder.

I have received quite a few requests to be guest contributors in my blog, SG Wealth Builder. Generally, I welcome these requests and would publish the authors’ works in my blog. The objective is to share with my readers useful tips on managing personal finance and investments.

Over the years, I have also gained some useful knowledge from these contributions. However, I have also declined quite a few guest blogging requests too. There was one Singaporean who wanted to write about his money-lending business in my blog. I rejected his request because I do not want to encourage my readers to borrow money unnecessarily.

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