Attaining personal financial success in Singapore

Some time ago, I wrote an article, “Three Ways to Become Rich in Singapore”. Recently, a reader commented that I made it sound so easy to become rich in Singapore. In this article, I would examine how to attain personal financial success in Singapore.

Striking it rich is never easy, especially in Singapore’s context. After all, if most Singaporeans are willing to toll 16 long years to obtain a tertiary qualification in the hope of securing a good job, what make you think that financial success can be achieved in a couple of years?


The hard truth is that the route to wealth is never easy and the ideas which I mentioned in my post, “Three Ways to Become Rich in Singapore”, merely explore how we can become rich. It was never my intention to spread the belief that attaining financial success is easy. After all, I am not a self-made millionaire (yet) and making money really requires lots of hard work. In this respect, I think its worthwhile to share a little bit more about my thoughts.

No short-cuts
I belong to Gen-X and believes in hard work and sacrifices to attain financial success. Nowadays, the new generation of youth think otherwise and many of them believe in quick success with less effort. They were fascinated by success stories of Apple, Google, Facebook etc.

But the reality is that the founders of these companies went through much hardship and made lots of sacrifices to reach the present position they are now in. In life, unless you are born with a silver spoon, there are no short cuts to attaining financial success.

We must have niche skill and knowledge to exchange for incomes. How much you earn, depends on how competent you are in your area of expertise. That is why in order to earn good income, we must constantly upgrade ourselves, hone our skills and take up courses.

Self awareness
Many people under-estimate the importance of self-awareness. Knowing your strength and weakness can be critical in your career or entrepreneurship. If you are able to play to your strength and choose a job or business that suits your character and aptitude, you will enjoy what you are doing.

If you have the passion in what you are doing, over time, money will come and look for you, But if you choose a job which you absolutely hated and had no interest in, then you would not go far.  For example if you are an introvert, being a real estate agent would probably not be suitable for you. Sure, the money is good but if you don’t enjoy presentation and meeting clients, then success will definitely elude you.

Lastly, if you have a clear direction on what you want to be, persevere and work hard. Don’t be focused on the money. Instead, focus on your competency, skill and knowledge. Money will automatically come to you once you have the results.

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