My blog’s page views will be hitting 25,000 soon! This is indeed a very heartening and encouraging milestone. I am writing this post to capture some reflections.

Although my blog’s readership is nowhere near the millions of hits enjoyed by popular Singaporean bloggers like Xiaxue and Tan Kin Lian, I am pleased that there are quite a few people who took time to read my blog and provided me feedback. It is always a nice feeling to know that people read my articles and appreciate my work. I am also glad that most of the comments had been constructive, which is encouraging as it spurs me to keep on blogging.


I would like to give thanks to you readers for your precious time and feedback. Although I am unable to blog as often as I used to be (due to work and family commitments), I would try my best to squeeze in time to document some of my investment reflections. The reflections captured in this blog is not only for sharing of knowledge, but also serve as a form of an online journal to me, reminding me to avoid some of the pitfalls I suffered during the early days of my investment journey. Hopefully through this sharing, you and me can become a better and richer investor.

If you have taken notice, my blog consists of investment articles and business ideas articles. Occasionally I also blog about some social issues in Singapore. I believe that in Singapore, there are many money-making opportunities. But then again, as a society, I feel that we shouldn’t focus too much on material gains and comfort. We need to take a step back and do some reflections on what we really want to achieve in life.

I know it may sound very cliche but life is really too short to be obsessed over how much to save for our retirement and how money to make. There are important things that we should focus on. For example our health, our relationship with family and friends. After all, if we lost our job, investments or business, we can always find another opportunity and earn back the money. But if we lose our health, family and friends, can we really earn it back?

I started this blog when I was 30 years old. As I matured and grew, my thinking and perspective to life also started to change as well. I hope that as my thinking evolve, this blog also changes as well. Changes in life are inevitable but hopefully its for the better. The focus of this blog shall remain as before: to share and seek out money-making opportunities. But besides this, in the future, I hope to share with my readers a deeper insight on life from me.

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