Knowledge is key

Through interactions with some of my friends, I came to realize that no investors become wealthy through herd investing. In order to become a successful investor, we need to equip ourselves with the right knowledge. We must have a curious mind and a thirst to acquire new knowledge. After all, knowledge is key.

It is very important that you start your investment or wealth-building journey early on in your life because that will give you a head-start. But before you start splashing out money on various investment schemes, always remember to build up your knowledge first.

If you plan to invest in property, options, gold, ETF, etc, attend courses and seminars to deepen your understanding on how these investments work. Read up topics on these subjects in the magazines, books and online articles on investment strategies. Talk to people, listen to their tips and learn from their investment mistakes.


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One of my motivations of starting this online project – SG Wealth Builder- is to raise my investment competency. Through my sharing, I also hope to level up the knowledge of fellow Singaporeans. My vision is that we can build a better tomorrow together and forge a shared financial destiny. Sometimes building wealth can be a lonely journey. So in building this blog, I aim to shape a community to share ideas and information on how to be better wealth builders.

In short, sharpen your knowledge on investment first before you start investing. Don’t be in a hurry to lose your money. You will realize that the more you learn, the more you don’t know. The journey is not going to be easy and along the way, you will make mistakes. But then again, who said that making money is easy? It is not. Have fun.

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