SG Wealth Builder celebrates 10-year anniversary!


In life, time flies. In the blink of an eye, it has been 10 years since I founded SG Wealth Builder! It seems like yesterday when I founded SG Wealth Builder. I can still remember the raw passion and explosive excitement when launching this wealth blog.

A decade had passed and the energy remains amazingly strong. During this period, many fellow bloggers had come and go. Some of them were really outstanding bloggers but fizzled out in no time. Nevertheless, I continued to push on and the brand of this blog grew from strength to strength. Over time, I have also developed a voice that connects with my readers. It is this distinctive voice that attracted readers to keep coming back to this blog and many had become long-time followers.

Value is what attracted readers and followers to SG Wealth Builder. Many people who visited my blog had provided numerous feedback that they had learned useful things that they were able to apply in their wealth building journey. Such compliments often invoked deep sense of self-satisfaction and achievement inside me.

To be able to make a difference in others certainly create a profound feeling. Thus, the motivation to bring this relationship to another level. In this article, I am going to share 7 reasons to sign up SG Wealth Builder Membership. Read on if you are interested to grow and become a better wealth builder. Remember, this is a blog for wealth builders, by wealth builders. Hence, this is not about me, but about you.

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The mission of this blog is “to make money, to build wealth and to preserve wealth”. In short, this is a journal detailing the process of building wealth in Singapore. It contains my strategies, insights and analysis on various wealth instruments like stocks, bonds, properties, CPF and precious metals. The lessons learned and experiences gained have served me well and I hope to share this knowledge with you exclusively. Members will have full access to all the articles written for the past 7 years. All in all, there are 700 articles!

In school, you don’t learn how to make money. This is the biggest challenge faced by all of us when we first stepped into the working world – learning how to manage money. I don’t claim to be a money guru. But if you joined me in my wealth journey, you will learn how to avoid financial pitfalls and gain valuable knowledge on the best practices to grow your wealth.


Providing valuable content is one thing. But do you know why thousands of Singaporeans keep coming back to visit my blog on daily basis? It is because many people found my content highly engaging. If you want cold hard objective data on how to make money, you might as well go and read media releases or mainstream media like The Straits Times or The Business Times. But you would realize that the angle of coverage is vastly different from this blog. In this regard, it is difficult for readers to struck a chord with mainstream media.

Through story-telling, I aim to build a relationship with members. You will learn more effectively and grow as a person through the war stories that I have shared in this blog. Some of the best articles in this blog include “You can sell combs to monk” and “KFC founder got rejected 1009 times”.


In this blog, I have shared a lot of my personal experiences gained in the course of my wealth building journey. Some were silly mistakes made in the stock market while there were insightful articles on lessons learned from buying and selling properties. And then there were articles on how I managed my CPF monies. I hope members can find the takeaways beneficial. In turn, many readers wrote in to share their personal experiences. Through such sharing of personal stories, we can all grow to become better wealth builders.

There are many investment bloggers who only write about their winning investments, investment portfolio and their get-rich-quick strategies. But they never reveal how they made their money or their worst mistakes. In joining SG Wealth Builder Membership, you will receive a holistic view on managing wealth. You may not agree with my views, but at least you can learn to avoid making the same mistakes that I have made earlier in money journey.


In today’s digital age, there is an explosion of information in the online world and the information overload presents a challenge to everyone who tries to find credible information from online media. Arising from this, there are increasing number of blogs that seek to capture eye-balls to generate advertisement revenue. Very often, these blogs are free-to-access sites but there are no quality controls on the content.

Always remember that free information does not necessarily means good information. Most of the other wealth blogs contain generic information that may not be relevant or helpful. In this blog, some of my top blog posts include “The thin fine line between Joint Tenancy and Tenancy-in-Common”, “CPF Nomination and Making a Will” and “The Dark Side of CPF Withdrawal Limit”.

Traffic is of course important for every blogger. After all, it can be really demoralizing if you put in so much effort but no one reads your articles. Nonetheless, I rate reputation and credibility even more important because it takes an incredibly long time to build trust. By joining SG Wealth Builder Membership, you will gain access to credible and quality articles on ways to build wealth.


Readers often forget that to be able to access my articles is a form of privilege. There are trolls who abuse the privilege granted to them and tried to stir troubles in my blog. Then there are loyal readers who became fans and subsequently got converted into email subscribers. Many of them also provided constructive feedback and valuable information that help to grow this blog.

Thus, to cater to this diverse group of people, I think it is crucial to set a differentiation between readers, subscribers and members. As a member, you will get to enjoy exclusive privilege to read my articles and make comment in my blog. I will also reply your email queries as soon as possible. As a paying customer, these are fundamental rights. On the other hand, readers and subscribers will only get to read the excerpts of my articles. I may also not reply to email letters from readers and subscribers (I do receive many letters from non-members).


For many wealth builders, Singapore can be very cold and unforgiving. Growing up in a low-income family, I have learned this through the hard way. The culture here is every man for himself. When I started this journey, I tried to look for online communities that share information on how to invest. There were very few back then. Today, there are many investment blogs and forums. But somehow they don’t quite fit into what I have been looking through these years.

It is still early days, but my goal is to build a community of like-minded members coming together to share views and ideas. In time to come, this will also be a platform for wealth builders to network and create wealth together. You can be part of this community by signing up SG Wealth Builder Membership.


Now that I have shared with you the benefits of joining SG Wealth Builder Membership, the next thing that may stop you from signing up is the membership fee. If you think carefully about it, $19.99 per month is a very small amount of money. You can certainly buy a decent meal with it but you would not be able to use this money to make more money. However, you can treat this amount of money as a form of investment. This is because every month, you can access about 10 new articles on how to grow wealth. In addition, you can have full access to all my previous investment articles, which numbered at a staggering 1000.

Is $10 a month too much for a blog subscription? I don’t know. For all I know, good things don’t come cheap and cheap things don’t come good. I don’t want to make an offer so low that members find it cheap and degrading. My goal is to make SG Wealth Builder a premium brand.


I hope this article has managed to reach out to you and convince you the merits of signing up SG Wealth Membership. Don’t procrastinate anymore my friend. This is about building long-term relationship and I certainly look forward to you coming on board. Together, we can forge a better tomorrow.


Not a member yet? You may sign up to become a member of SG Wealth Builder. The full benefits and privileges of SG Wealth Builder Membership:

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