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If you are looking at starting a personal or professional blog, having a high traffic is vital to the success of your project. This may seem like common sense to many readers but many bloggers consistently overlook the importance of online traffic because they don’t realise that unlike brick and mortar business, or traditional mainstream media (e.g. newspapers and radio), unique visitors to your blog do not happen by chance.

In today’s context, given the billions of websites in the online galaxy, you cannot expect to achieve overnight success by advertising through newspapers or radio. You must have a sustainable strategy to capture traffic and make your online project a success. This is because the more unique visits your blog gets, the more established it becomes. More unique visitors would mean that a large group of people have visited your blog and read the content. This means that your marketing technique is successful.

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Once you succeed in creating a high traffic blog, you can easily devise ways to monetize your blog and create a form of passive income for yourself. It is thus important to know the technique that drives traffic to your blog because it can determine whether you can make money out of it.

Now, I know there are many serious bloggers out there who blog as a form of hobby and for the sake of passion. Some of them find that making money out of blogging conflict with their personal philosophy and deem it as sinful. If you belong to this category of bloggers, then you should stop reading. This is because in the next few blog entries, I am going to share the techniques on how to develop a high traffic blog. I am also going to reveal the various ways to monetize your blog and make passive income out of it. If you don’t mind making some pocket money out of your blog, then welcome on-board! Whether the income is enough for you to quit your full time job depends on various factors. No matter what, I think you would agree with me that making money out of blogging is a fun and exciting way of making money online.

But before I proceed, allow me to do some self-introduction. My name is Gerald and I am the owner of SG Wealth Builder (, a blog that focuses on finance and investment matters in Singapore. I have been blogging for four years but I don’t consider myself a professional blogger because I hold a full-time job. In my opinion, a professional blogger is one who blog full-time and make serious money out of it. This means that their livelihood depends on the income generated from their blogs. Even though I am not a professional blogger, I have made some decent pocket money out of it, so I want to share this knowledge to my readers. I hope my experiences can benefit readers and help them create a high traffic blog.

There are a lot of debates whether a successful blog can bring in sustainable monthly income. While I don’t dispute that you can make money out of blogging, I need to caution that you will not become millionaires overnight.

Blogging requires a lot of dedication and much efforts and I believe there are many bloggers out there who are excited just to earn a few hundred dollars per month from blogging. This is because bloggers are a unique group of people who loves to write and enjoy readership for their articles.

The feeling of your blog being followed is nice and special. If you are in this solely for the sake of money, I can guarantee that within a year, your interest will fade and you will stop blogging. So my advice is: don’t do this for the love of money!


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