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Yesterday, I made the critical decision to register my blog domain name and got rid of “” from the blog’s domain name. The name of this blog was also changed to SG Wealth Builder. The name change means that I have to re-establish my page ranking in various search engines. It is indeed painful to start all over again but I suppose the only constant in life is change!

As a blogger, I am always challenging myself to improve my blog’s quality and content. Over the years, my blog has evolved from sharing of investment and entrepreneurial ideas to a portal of wealth building opportunities, providing wealth building information to readers. Along the way, I felt that the former blog title does not reflect the current activities in this blog. Therefore, the re-branding of this blog.

SG Wealth Builder
There are many people who think that they can make a living from blogging full time. In reality, this is very difficult to achieve. Indeed, you probably can make a few hundreds or thousands here and there from affiliate marketing or sponsorships. But in most months, there might be little or even no income at all. Over the years, I have seen so many local bloggers fizzled out from the scene after only a few months. I supposed most of them gave up blogging after realizing that it cannot bring food to the table on a daily basis. So if you wanted to make a career in blogging, your first priority should not be in making money from your blog. Rather, you must first have the passion for sharing a niche in your blog. The money will come in after you have build up a high traffic blog with established reputation.

Now for some updates. We are approaching the final quarter of 2013 and I thought that it is time opportune to pause and do some reflections before the year ends. There had been many ups and downs in my personal life this year. I lost my father, got my first job promotion, moved into my new home, passed my IPPT in three years and celebrated my daughter’s first birthday!

My father’s death had a deep impact on me because he had been a guiding force all my life. Since young, I do not know what I wanted to be but I had always aspired to earn big money to provide a good life for my father and mother. When he left this world, I was not by his deathbed and was on overseas duty travel. Now that he is not around, I miss him very much. I regretted not learning the rope from him on business and investment. I also wished I had spent more quality time with him.

As for personal improvement, I had been reading lately. I remember my first investment book was written by Peter Lynch, when I was 20 years old. Time flies and even though it has been 13 years already, the principles of value investing remain the same. I love reading and writing. So I tell myself that if I got to retire early one day after achieving financial freedom, I would spend time on reading and blogging. It is my desire to promote investment knowledge in Singapore.

My vision is for SG Wealth Builder to be a leading knowledge aggregator for wealth building. In this respect, one of my goals is to educate Singaporeans on value investing. By and large, most investors in Singapore still invest in stocks based on tips and rumors. Many are clueless on how to do research on stocks and what to look out for when assessing a company’s information. Going forward, I will be sharing more of such investment knowledge. Stay tune!

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