Working and living in a foreign country

How is it like working and living in a foreign country? I just watched a Japanese documentary show detailing the life of a Japanese lady who married a Peruvian guy in Peru. It was a heart-warming show which narrated how a Japanese lady lived her life in a foreign country for 20 years.

We all know that the Japanese is a closely knitted community, so initially it was not easy for a young Japanese lady like her to be working and living in a foreign country like Peru. But she managed to overcome the language and cultural barrier. Along the way, she fell in love and married a Peruvian guy. Of course, her Japanese parents initially objected to their marriage, but they accepted him after he lived with them for a short while in Japan.


What struck me was that despite working and living abroad in another foreign country for two decades, her love for her native country remains strong. She still misses Japan very much and what I found admirable was that she has been contributing articles to a Japanese publication all these years because she mentioned that nowadays people go for online news. So she hope to do her part and revives newspaper readership. She is paid 300,000 yen for her efforts, and so has to supplement her income as a local tour guide in Peru. I supposed she is not doing this for the sake of money, but rather out of passion and love for Japan. I have utmost respect for this honorable lady, because although she is not highly educated and does not have a high-flying career, she leads a fulfilling life full of warmth and love.

I think “Limpeh is Foreign Trash” has a lot to learn from her. The fellow bragged that he received scholarships in Singapore before, won many sports trophies and is now earning tonnes of money in UK. He gave up his citizenship long time ago and has nothing but contempt for Singapore in his blog. On a daily basis, he launches anti-Singapore campaigns in his blog, fanned online hatred for Singapore and is so proud that he got a massive fan base with three millions page views on record. Apparently he also got issues with his father.

Is he a happy man? Perhaps so. But if I am given a choice, I would definitely choose to live a life like the Japanese lady’s and not “Limpeh is Foreign Trash’s”. And I think “Limpeh is Foreign Trash” will not get it. This is because in his eye, money, career, and awards count for everything. In his world, there is only the blame game, and no love, much less love for his parents and Singapore (he actually blamed his mother for giving birth to him in Singapore and cited Singapore’s oppressive system as the reason for his giving up of Singapore citizenship). He hates and blames everything in Singapore, everything, except himself. So he gave up his citizenship and chose to embrace UK. Despite his denial, I think he still cannot find inner peace after giving up his Singapore citizenship all these years.

For me, I am in my early thirties and have spent my entire career in Singapore so far. My job has brought me to countries such as United States, Canada, UK, Germany, China, India and many more. Despite having traveled to many countries, I would like to spend a few years working in another country with my family.

It is true that there are a lot of struggles in Singapore. However, I would still want to come back to Singapore, because this is still my home. And nothing beats home. This is where I grew up and spent my childhood. There are too many relationships and fond memories for me to give up.

Ultimately, one day when I look back at my life on my deathbed, I want to have pictures of happy memories of my life in Singapore. I don’t want to become a grumpy old man like “Limpeh is Foreign Trash” who keep thinking that Singapore owe him something. What is the point?

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5 thoughts on “Working and living in a foreign country

  • June 15, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Money is almost everything…. if u got money u get what u want and have a comfortable life, if you got little then be prepared to get bullied by society big-time from having a gf(where is your car), social status(what you earn in one year is what I earn in one week), long q at bank(dun u hate those priority clients who jump q), etc.

    Cold hard fact of life that has existed since capitalism existed and NOTHING you or anybody can ever do short of a nuclear holocaust that bomb civilization back to the stone age . (MAYBE communism will work then)

  • June 17, 2013 at 5:11 am

    Stop speaking in hypotheticals. You would never know whether you would choose to return or stay unless the opportunity actually presented itself to you. Until then it is just idle speculation. Btw, traveling for business is not the same as being based overseas. Just like going on holiday in Spain is not the same as living in Spain.

  • June 17, 2013 at 6:59 am

    The online battle continues between 2 good-English debaters (told earlier – anybody else please improve your English first).

    So to what end for hatred (today poke, next day curse …) and everyday anti-govt (today anti-PAP, next day anti-WP …)?

    Still there are more anti-not-good-policy citizens now, but we have to remind ourselves not to target wrongly at own people!

    Btw, anti-not-good-policy is not same as anti-govt/ anti-PAP/ anti-WP/ …

  • June 17, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Of course Limpeh is not single. He has his boyfriend. Isn’t it obvious that Limpeh is Gay and proud?

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