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Month – May 2012

The $100,000 Question

Singaporeans who are contemplating a new car must be wondering if it is worthwhile to buy now. This is especially so considering the sky-high Certificate of Entitlement (COE). Despite the recent drop in the prices of COE, the entitlement to drive a new car on Singapore roads still remain very expensive. Buyers need to fork out […]

Investment Insights: Importance of managing your ego and fear

In the investment circle, everyone knows the golden rule of setting targets for investments. But how many investors actually put that into practice when the crunch comes? After all, greed and fear often come into play whenever we make important financial decisions. Uneducated investors often make irrational decisions, leading to losses in their investments. They sell their stock holdings […]

Knowledge is key

Through interactions with some of my rich friends, I came to realise that no investors become wealthy through herd investing. In order to become a successful investor, we need to equip ourselves with the right knowledge. It is very important that you start your investment or wealth-building journey early on in your life because that […]


My blog’s pageviews will be hitting 25,000 soon! This is very heartening and encouraging to me. Although my blog’s readership is nowhere near the millions of hits enjoyed by popular bloggers like Xiaxue and Tan Kin Lian, I am pleased that there are quite a few people who took time to read my blog and […]

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