A tribute to my Mother and Father

Today is Mother’s Day. Me and my siblings planned to give her a treat but she felt that the restaurants would be very crowded today. So we postponed our celebrations to next weekend.

My mother belongs to the generation of baby-boomers. She is someone who don’t express love on their lips and believes in tough love, hard work and sacrifice. Mother is a great person although I am not close to her since young. This is because I used to be a very mischievous brat who liked to talk back. Of course she wasn’t pleased with that and I was disciplined by her numerous times.

One of my mother’s qualities is her love for my family. When me and my siblings were still studying in secondary schools, my dad suffered from a major stroke and was unable to work till now. It was a very challenging chapter in my family’s journey and we struggled tremendously to get by.


Mother took on part-time jobs to supplement family income and also looked after my dad and my elderly grandmother. Those were dark days for my family as money was really tight at home. Before the stroke, Father used to be the sole bread-winner. So you can imagine the kind of stress my parents went through, trying to support 3 kids and an elderly. It wasn’t easy and my parents quarreled frequently over money issues. Nevertheless, my mom became the de-facto head of the household and became a major pillar of support in the family.

Twenty years later, we managed to pull through and my siblings got married and eventually set up our own families. I guess tough days do not last but tough people do.

But deep in my heart, I will never forget those lean times and as I look back, these experiences made me cherish whenever I have now. Perhaps the greatest gift my parents gave me was my education. As they are illiterate, they strongly believe in providing me and my sibling a good education. They scrimped and saved money to support my education, tuition fees and university fees.

Over the years, my education and work experience allow me to have a good job that provides good income. I am forever grateful to my parents for raising me up.

On this special day, I wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you mom and I love you!

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