Buying Silver as an investment in Singapore

The market for purchasing a variety of precious metals in Singapore has steadily increased in the last few years due to the removal of income tax or capital gains tax on imported investment grade precious metals such as gold and silver.

Investors are keen to take advantage of the savings they can make to ensure their deposits are even more profitable. Many of the products available include silver ingots but large numbers of silver coins are being imported from different countries around the world. Some of the coins have beautiful designs and are becoming popular as investments with collectors. You will probably recognise some of them fairly easily but others may be a little more obscure.


Canadian Maple Leaf

This incredibly popular coin was launched in 1988 and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. It has the country’s national symbol of the Maple Leaf on the front and overleaf has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Fiji Silver Taku

The beautifully etched turtle featured on this coin has seen it become an instant hit since its launch in 2010. It is issued on behalf of Fiji’s government by the Sunshine Minting Inc.

Australian Kangaroo

The purity of silver in this striking coin is 99.99%. It is issued by the Perth Mint of Western Australia and features a sunburst pattern with the kangaroo in the centre.

Suriname Silver Coin

As an official coin that was issued in 2013, the Suriname weighs one ounce of virtually pure silver. There is the country’s coat of arms on one side and a map on the other.

Armenia’s Noah’s Ark

Not many people immediately think of Armenia for silver investment but Singapore imports the Noah’s Ark which is available in various sizes from just one quarter of an ounce up to a hefty five kilograms which would be guaranteed to wear a hole in anyone’s pocket!

Niue Turtle

Issued by the New Zealand this beautiful coin features a turtle or taku in a design that’s very similar to the Fiji Taku. Collectors like the fact that it is released as limited editions.

Mexican Libertad

This coin features an angel in front of the country’s two volcanoes, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. It has been minted since the early eighties.

Whether you would like to purchase silver ingots or some of the beautiful coins featured above, Indigo Precious Metals will be pleased to offer their expert guidance on investing in Singapore.


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