SingTel share price destined to collapse after ex-dividend day?

26 July 2018 would be destiny day for SingTel share price as it will be ex-dividend day for shareholders to be entitled to the final dividend of $0.107. All eyes are on that day as shareholders brace themselves for a frightening roller-coaster ride of SingTel share price.

There had been much talks on the impending entry of the fourth telco, TPG Telecom and the emerging threats of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO). People are concerned that these threats would demolish SingTel share price and knock it off the cliff. But to be frank, the current bearish sentiments of SingTel share price should be due to the heightened competition in overseas markets, and not Singapore market. So investors should not make a mountain out of a mole.

Nonetheless, it is not going to be smooth sailing for SingTel and I anticipate a rough ride for this Singapore blue chip. In light of recent developments, this article will share the reasons for the decline of SingTel share price and why this counter could possibly correct to $2.60 by year end. In this article, I am also going to reveal how the big boys combined to wipe off billions from SingTel share price.

SingTel share price doomed to fall?

For context, it is not a matter of whether SingTel share price would drop but by how much it would plunge after ex-dividend day. Based on past years’ data, SingTel share price never fail to correct between late July to August, the traditional period for the issuance of SingTel final dividend.

Singtel share price

On 28 July 2017, SingTel share price collapsed from $4.00 to reach $3.68 in September 2017. Prior to that, SingTel share price fell from a high of $4.30 on 22 July 2016 to a bottom low of $3.65 on 31 December 2016. The year 2015 was another horror ride for shareholders as the correction was even worse – falling from a giddy high of $4.34 on 24 July 2015 to reach a mind-boggling low of $3.56 in October 2015.

This time, it would be no different for SingTel share price. In exchange for the $0.107 dividend, investors must ask themselves whether it is worthwhile to hold SingTel stocks for the long-term. With falling share price, there would be opportunity cost of holding SingTel shares because you could have re-invested your monies in other counters.

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