Gold price to surge to USD65,000 per ounce in 5 years?

Before Brexit took the world by storm last month, BullionStar boldly predicted that gold price will surge to USD65,000 per ounce in 5 years in one of their articles. To be frank, even though I am bullish on the long-term prospect of gold, it is difficult to envisage that gold price will reach such stratospheric level.

If gold really do reach USD65,000 per ounce, it would be approximately 48.5 times the present level. Those who have bought just one piece of the 1kg PAMP Gold Bar would become an instant millionaire. But then again, under such circumstances, inflation would probably be ultra-high, hence that one or two millions worth of fiat currencies would probably have limited purchasing value.

One important lesson that I have learnt from my years of financial blogging is that it does not matter whether BullionStar’s prediction is accurate or not. It only matters if you are prepared to build wealth with gold bullion. No analysts or economists can predict the future and there will always be endless debates who is right or wrong. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what actions have you taken in the course of your wealth journey to succeed financially.

If you are reading this article, you may be a high net worth individual who is busy with your business. You may even be a highly qualified professional (e.g. lawyer or dentist) earning high incomes. If so, you probably have limited time to research or study the stock market. If that is the case, then you need to start thinking how to protect your hard-earned wealth and assets.


The matter of fact is that selecting the right stocks to invest is not easy and requires much effort and various strategies to achieve success. Even though technically you are a shareholder of the company when you purchased its shares, in reality, you have very limited control on how the company is run on a day-to-day basis. What this means is that there is always the element of risk in stock investments.

On the other hand, gold bullion carries no counter-party risk and no default risk. In fact, in the midst of the market uncertainties witnessed in 2016 so far, gold has fulfilled its function as a safe haven over and over again. Wealth builders who bought physical gold last December would have witnessed 25% increase in value, making gold one of the best performing assets to hold.

You have worked hard for many years, so don’t let the current financial system ruin your wealth. Take real actions to preserve your wealth and start buying gold in Singapore. Don’t wait until the stock market crashes or bank collapses because you will have no chance to transfer your wealth.

In Singapore, you can choose to buy physical gold from BullionStar, one of the largest online bullion dealers with a store-front shop at 45 New Bridge Road. With BullionStar, you can choose to buy gold or silver bullion online and have them delivered to your home or put them into ‘My Vault’ storage in BullionStar’s secure vault storage facility. Alternatively, you can choose to walk in and buy gold and other precious metals at BullionStar shop and showroom premises.

Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold and Silver Bullion

Setting up an online account is pretty simple and you can choose to pay in different currencies, including Singapore dollar and Bitcoins. In addition, the price is very transparency as BullionStar’s website displays the price premium and spread for each bullion. This allows buyers to make price comparisons online before making the purchase.

BullionStar also offers customers their own minted gold and silver bars with zero spread. They have commissioned world-renowned LBMA-approved Swiss gold refiner Argor-Heraeus to produce these stylish and unique minted 100 gram 99.99 % purity gold bars.

Below are some gold bullion offered by BullionStar that are worth buying:

  1. PAMP Gold Bar – 1kg
  2. American Gold Buffalo Various Years
  3. BullionStar Mint Gold (No Spread)

Singaporeans who still think that they can win the stock market should wise up. The matter of fact is that the odds are stacked firmly against retail investors and those who did not diversify their portfolios are taking on big risks. Just one market correction and their wealth would be gone. Instead of risking your hard-earned money on speculative shares, start buying real physical gold from a trustworthy bullion dealer.

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