Silver Market Review for 2015

Festive season is fast approaching and now is the time to buy gold or silver bullion as gifts for your loved ones! Before making a move, let’s take a look at the global market trend for bullion.

According to a report by Thomas Reuters, 2015 has been an intriguing year for silver as total supply is forecasted to fall by 3% from the previous year. This represented the weakest performance since 2002, when mine production fell by 2%.

There are a lot of head winds for the silver mine production and on top of this, scrap supply is expected to fall for the fourth consecutive year. Because of this, silver will face a physical shortfall for the third consecutive year. Nonetheless, this shortfall is mitigated by outflows from the ETFs and derivative exchange, thus softening the impact of supply shortage from the mine productions.

Interestingly, the deficit in the supply may not cause a spike in prices. This theory is vindicated by the performance of silver prices this year, which saw silver prices averaged US$15.91 per ounce, which was 18.3% lower than in the same period in 2014. Wealth builders have seized this window of opportunity to snap up silver on the cheap and this led silver bullion coin sales to reach record level in the third quarter of this year. The slide in prices has apparently triggered a massive surge in buying in the silver coin market, leading to an unexpected shortage of silver bullion coins among global mints.

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