7 tips to start stacking Silver coins or bars

Below is a piece of editorial from Gold Silver City, a bullion dealer based in Singapore which exempted investment grade precious metals from the goods and services tax (GST). Just like Gold Silver City, one of the the goals of SG Wealth Builder is to educate Singaporeans on the merits of owning gold and silver bullion as a means of wealth preservation.

If you are new to stacking and don’t have a clear concept on how to start, here are some tips here. I am no expert, there are many more experts out there preaching their advice. Be cautious though, as many advice can be confusing and not suitable for newbies. I learnt this the hardway. I started some years ago and learnt through the school of trials and errors:-

start stacking silver
The joy of seeing your wealth grow
  1. Start stacking silver with a clear budget. Know what amount of your disposable income you can afford to start stacking. Only use spare cash that you can afford, for example, how about reducing your entertainment expenses like that weekly drinking session? Or cut down on that expensive daily starbucks? Those small bills can pile up to be a good silver stack.
  2. Do not get carried away and over-stack. Start small, and do it regularly, along the principles of dollar cost averaging. Do NOT throw all your cash into silver. Keep some cash for unpredictable emergency needs. This is to avoid selling your silver at inappropriate timing when you badly need the cash.
  3. Diversify your investments for the future. Do not invest in silver. It is healthy to hold a good portion in precious metals, such as gold. Invest in stock index funds, some healthy insurance plans or pay off your mortgages and debts. Plan for the future.
  4. Especially for newbies, do not
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How to be successful in your career

Throughout my career, I have always heard people claiming that they should have certain level of salaries or pay increments to justify the cost of living in Singapore. My stance is that to we should first and foremost prove our values or worth to the organization in order to make that sort of demand to your employers. Simply telling your bosses that the inflation rate is much higher than your pay increment is not a valid reason for a higher pay check. Today, during lunchtime, my boss shared with me his insights on how to achieve career success.

Why do some people succeed in life?

Have you ever wondered why do some people able to achieve career success despite them having mediocre academic qualifications? Apparently, there are unique traits that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd and that is the ability to see challenges differently. Successful  people would strive to prove their merits to  their bosses before demanding his desired pay package. Most importantly, they view challenges as opportunities, rather than obstacles. This trait spurs them to achieve goals and drive them to career success. When faced with challenges or setbacks, instead of whining, they remain resilient and bounce back from failures.


Winners Vs Whiners

Successful people are considered “winners” in every organization because they are viewed as problem solvers, rainmakers or go-to guys. They make things happen and embrace failures as an inevitable process to improve themselves.

Conversely, mediocre workers whine and complain whole day about their bosses and feel victimized over work issues. They also feel underpaid all the time and would only perform tasks which they feel they are employed to do.

If you assigned tasks beyond their so-called designated work-scope, they would reject them or show zero commitments to accomplish them. Instead …

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Release of second half 2015 Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme

On 11 June 2015, the Singapore Government announced the second half 2015 (2H2015) Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme, which comprises 4 Confirmed List sites and 13 Reserve List sites. These sites can yield up to 7,825 private residential units, including 1,340 Executive Condominium (EC) units, and 277,580 sqm gross floor area (GFA) of commercial space.

Among the Confirmed List sites, Alexandra, Clementi and Siglap are expected to generate the most interest since they are located in matured estates. The Siglap site alone will generates about 750 units. Overall, the Confirmed List comprises 4 private residential sites (including 1 EC site) which can yield about 2,130 private residential units (including 520 EC units).

For the Reserve List, the Stirling site is bound to attract competitive bids from developers as it is located at the popular Queenstown area. The site can accomodate more than 1110 units. The Bedok South Avenue 3 site is also expected to generate interests among buyers as it is located near the Tanah Merah MRT and Bedok Town Centre. The Reserve List comprises 8 private residential sites (including 1 EC site), 2 commercial & residential sites, 2 commercial sites and 1 White site. These sites can yield about 5,695 private residential units as well as 275,580 sqm GFA of commercial space, mostly for office use.

The supply of private housing and commercial space from the GLS Programme, together with supply from projects in the pipeline, will be adequate to meet the demand for private housing and commercial space over the next few years.

There is an existing pipeline supply of about 84,000 private residential units (including ECs). So this release of land sales for private residential units might be a litmus test for developers. Given that buying interests among have cooled down under the current investment climate, developers …

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Texas building gold depository

Below is a piece of editorial from BullionStar, a bullion dealer based in Singapore which exempted investment grade precious metals from the goods and services tax (GST). Just like BullionStar, one of the the goals of SG Wealth Builder is to educate Singaporeans on the merits of owning gold and silver bullion as a means of wealth preservation.

I found this article about Texas building a state owned gold vault making the gold in it “non-confiscatable” very interesting.

To summarize, the US state of Texas signed a bill into law 12 June that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository. Texas is furthermore planning to repatriate USD 1 billion worth of bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York upon completion of the depository.

It thus looks like the state government in Texas are losing faith in the ability of the Federal government and central bank to safekeep bullion.

Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold and Silver Bullion

The law specifically includes a provision stating that a purported confiscation, requisition, seizure or other attempt to control the ownership is void and of no force or effect!

It’s perhaps not strange that Texas politicians are concerned about the financial health of the federal government. What is surprising though is the brazen way of posturing and displaying it with this law basically stating that they will not allow the federal government to confiscate their gold.

If the vault materializes, this is a major step by a western state government to legitimize the importance of holding fully allocated, segregated metal in one own’s possession and may serve as a precedence for other states and to go the same way. This is of particular interest in a time when federal and supranational unions are trying to exert more power and can be viewed as

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SG Wealth Builder Email Interview with Co-Founder of FirstPropInvest.com

SG Wealth Builder is pleased to conduct an email interview with Myles Clement,  co-founder of FirstPropInvest.com, a property platform that connects Singapore investors to the UK property developers.

1) Congratulations on the launch of FirstPropInvest.com! Can you share with the readers what gap or problem is the platform addressing?

Thank you! Firstpropinvest.com was created to give Singaporean investors CHOICE when looking to invest in the UK. We saw there is a gap in the market to create a clear, simple, impartial, platform that brings investors the latest UK properties directly, with no heavy sales tactics as we are not agents. Currently only the medium to large developers can afford to market their developments out here at great cost. Why not allow everyone to be able to market to the Far East market, bringing greater transparency, more choice, and hopefully better value to the investor, as opposed to being sold what is launched on any given weekend. We feel investors aren’t being given the best options available to them within their budgets. You have worked hard to buy that investment property in the UK why not have a choice.

Logo with web address 2 (2)

2) Who is the target customers?
FirstPropInvest.com targets anyone who is interested in investing in property based in SE Asia, from the first time investor, to the professional investor with large portfolios already. We aim to create a service that is useful to all, and not just one specific type of investor. We want the platform to grow, so if investors want to buy in say Scotland, we will look to list developments in Scotland. FirstPropInvest.com is an investor and developer platform so we want to work with both to help grow the site.

3) How does the platform works?
It is simple. You simply go to Firstpropinvest.com for free, no login …

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Mortgage Interest Rates– Key Factors That Impacts it

Interest Rate
Interest rate charged is the reward for taking the risk on the capital. Interest rate is often referred to as the “cost of funds” or hurdle rate.

Risk to Capital
If the lender perceives a higher default risk on capital lent out, the higher the interest demanded. The causes to credit risks can come from shocks to the financial system from within the country or beyond. As the world’s financial systems are increasingly interlinked, any credit event far away can increase potential default risk.

Demand for funds
The increased demand for funds when it outstrips the supply will also cause interest rates to rise. Genuine demand of funds comes from the industry’s need for investment. Industry will borrow money for investments if they think their investments returns can better the interest rate. This type of capital demand can help a country increase its productive capacity. The other types of demand are for household consumption such as housing mortgages, car loans, renovation loans or personal consumption.

Supply of funds
The supply of funds varies in each country. The supply of funds can come in local currency or
foreign currency. The supply of funds generally comes from the banks. The banks in turn receive
their funds from equity and depositor’s funds. These funds are then lent out to borrowers, less
offcapital reserves requirement such as BASEL III to maintain the stability of the banks via a capital
adequacy ratio.

Financial institution having excess capital may then lend these funds to other financial institution other on an over-night basis, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and so on. This is referred to as the interbank rate or benchmark interest rate. In Singapore it is referred to as the Sibor rate, in London, it is referred to as the Libor rate, in …

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BullionStar: Storage of Coins

Below is a piece of editorial from BullionStar, a bullion dealer based in Singapore which exempted investment grade precious metals from the goods and services tax (GST). Just like BullionStar, one of the the goals of SG Wealth Builder is to educate Singaporeans on the merits of owning gold and silver bullion as a means of wealth preservation.

A common question that our customers ask us is, “How do I keep my precious metals such that its’ condition will be immaculate forever?” The short answer is that for silver, it is not possible since silver tarnishing is a natural process, as discussed in another editorial by my colleague Gustav. However, there are ways in which we can delay the process for as long as possible so that your precious metals are still beautiful to look at.

1.Keeping your precious metals in a cool and dry place

For collectors who are beginning their collection, it would be good to invest in a good storage solution in order to protect the coins. One could consider large air-tite boxes or even camera cabinets that allows for the adjustment of humidity. Do take care to keep the boxes in a place where it would not be exposed to high temperatures or light. (Not only is this safe for your coins but you keep your precious metals away from prying eyes as well.) Silica gels can also be placed together with the coins to ensure a dry environment.

2.Case them in protective capsules

Bullionstar offers the Intercept Quadrum Coin capsules, an innovative product that promises to protect your coin for up to 15 years.  The special foam developed interacts with the air and neutralizes any harmful chemicals that may cause the coins to tarnish. The following sizes are available : 20mm, 30mm

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