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Internship Opportunities with Thomson Reuters

For many years, aspiring local finance bloggers have been lamenting on how difficult it is to obtain jobs in the Singapore finance sector. There were also many young Singaporeans writing to me on how to get into venture capitalist, investment banks, fund management companies. In Singapore, while our local institutes of higher learning have been churning out finance graduates with good academic results, most of these graduates lack working experiences and track record in investments. So there has always been a gap in the investment industry. With this in mind, SG Wealth Builder is pleased to collaborate with TrakInvest to bring you the Thomson Reuters Challenge. Winners get to work in Thomson Reuters Singapore as interns! TrakInvest is a completely free virtual trading platform that allows users to hone their investment skills and at the same time earn money through monthly competitions.


2 students with the best investment portfolios will win an internship each with Thomson Reuters Singapore.*

TrakInvest and Thomson Reuters are pleased to announce “The Thomson Reuters Challenge” The online stock market challenge will be hosted on the TrakInvest (“TI”) platform and 2 winners will get the opportunity to intern with Thomson Reuters Singapore for a period of 7-10 weeks. The competition is from 15th April 2014 to 15th May 2014 and is exclusively for all Singapore University students.

Once you login to the TI platform you are provided with SGD 100,000 of virtual money that you can invest in stock markets around the world. As you begin searching for stocks, the platform tells you who else on the network is doing well in the stock and provides you with the ability to follow them. Once you follow the top leaders, you get real-time updates of their trading activity which you can observe or choose to emulate.

You will realize that this platform is not just a game but a holistic learning tool and promises to offer you the following:

  • Contextualized News & Twitter Feeds
  • Research & Analytics of Over 12,000 Companies
  • Ability to connect to the top traders
  • Real time sharing of trading activity
  • Monthly sponsored trading competitions where Winners can get both cash & jobs
  • Mobile android application available on Google Store, to play on the go!

Do you have what it takes to be a Champion ?

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