Gold Investment:BullionStar at a Glance

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Physical Metal
The bullion you buy from BullionStar is just that – your bullion. BullionStar only offers fully allocated bullion. No paper promises, no unallocated accounts, no risky Ponzi schemes. The bullion you buy from BullionStar is YOUR bullion.

Your Metals – Your choice
BullionStar offers you a wide range of quality bullion from renowned mints and refineries. You are always in full control of your assets with BullionStar.

Buy or sell various bars and coins at competitive rates and spreads.
– Have your bullion shipped, picked up or stored in “My Vault”.
– Trade fully allocated Vault Grams in Gold, Silver and Platinum for a low spread online.
– Control your stored bullion in My Vault online where you can buy, sell or request delivery of your physically stored bullion at all times.
We are proud of our versatile, easy-to-use online trading platform. You can place orders 24/7 to trade the bullion you need when the price and conditions are right for you. 
Choose whether to have your bullion:
– Shipped to your delivery address;
– Picked up by yourself; or 
– Stored securely in “My Vault”

Competitive Prices
BullionStar is building on the experience of its renowned trading system for precious metals. The BullionStar platform is shared by several successful bullion dealers around the world. You benefit from the volume-based premiums we can offer as a result of our worldwide presence. As a result, BullionStar provides some of the lowest premiums and storage fees available anywhere, without sacrificing service, speed, or security.
In addition there is no minimum or maximum order when buying or selling to BullionStar.

Full Access – Full Control
When you purchase from BullionStar, you are in control. As soon as you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. When we have received your funds, you will receive a payment confirmation. Another update will be sent via e-mail after we have stored your bullion, shipped your bullion or when it is made available for your personal collection at our office. If you choose to buy bullion to store in My Vault, you will be able to follow the full process online under My Vault Storage.

My Vault Storage

BullionStar‘s solution for storage is called My Vault. When storing bullion in My Vault, you are in control and can buy, sell or withdraw your physical bullion at any time. You can place orders online and trade your physical bullion in a matter of seconds.
You will always have full direct legal ownership of all segregated bullion.
The vault offers you:
– Allocated bullion – no paper promises
– Insured bullion – no risk for you
– Easy-to-use trading interface online
– Buy, sell, or withdraw at any time
– Trade Vault Grams online
– Minimum of two years free storage
– Ownership certificate of physical bullion
– No reporting requirements or ties to foreign governments
Vault storage is free for a minimum of two years. BullionStar is proud to offer you stable solutions in uncertain times. It is our job to keep your metals insured, audited and secure so you can relax. 

Vault Gram
Vault Gram is BullionStar’s solution for trading fully allocated gold, silver and platinum online. The premium over spot and the spread between buy and sell is very low. It’s easy and straightforward to trade Vault Grams online. You can buy, sell and overview your Vault Gram’s online under My Vault Storage. Vault Grams are backed by fully allocated physical bullion but not segregated into individual items. Hence it is only possible to make transactions online for Vault Grams. It is not possible to request physical delivery for Vault Grams.

No Reporting Requirements To Governments
The whole order process, from confirmation of your order to delivery, is fully transparent to you, while your government is given no access to our records. BullionStar prides itself in providing complete customer confidentiality. There are no specific reporting requirements for bullion under Singapore law and we have no ties to the EU or USA.

Highest Quality Bullion
The bullion we handle is bought directly from the production line at the mints or direct from established bullion wholesalers. When buying from BullionStar, you will receive bullion that is minted by the most renowned mints in the world. There is thus no risk for counterfeiting or for receiving odd products from unknown mints.

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