How to be rich in Singapore

While we may not have investment acumen like Warren Buffett, we can still become rich through buying distressed assets in Singapore. There are always bargain around us and its only a matter of patience for the right opportunity to come. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the best time to “strike” is when the economy takes its periodical dips.

Some of you might remember that during the mid-1980s when Singapore economy went through a very sharp downturn, some condominiums in the posh Balmoral areas were selling at $170 per square foot. In two years, the prices doubled and then in 2008, some units could command around $2000 psf. As the world financial market became so globalized, the sudden need for fund managers to sell institution’s assets created good opportunity for those with financial means and knowledge to purchase assets at good bargain.

Many of us often hear stories of colleagues or friends who manage to pick up such good buys but if we make the conscientious effort to keep ourselves well informed and have the money to pump in when bargains present themselves, we can just be as successful. As the saying goes, the time to buy is when blood is on the streets!

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