Month: January 2011

personal finance

Investment Resolutions

It is the start of the new year and I have made some investment resolutions. Through the years, I realized that failures are part and parcel in our wealth building journey. In life, you will encounter obstacles and you will make mistakes. How you emerge from these experiences will define your financial destiny.
Generally, the successful investors are those who are resilient and learn from their mistakes. To start off the year, I decided to lay down a few markers to achieve this year:

Firstly, I have decided to set aside a small amount of cash every month to invest in stocks. My objective is to beat the inflation that has been eroding the cash value in my bank account. In order to reduce the costs, I have decided to purchase stock through POEMS online rather than call up my broker.

Secondly, I have decided to shift my focus from value stocks to defensive stocks that pay dividends regularly. Defensive companies are those whose future earnings are able to withstand and economic downturn. Typically, they would have relatively low business and financial risks. Examples are Suntec Reit and Singtel.

I believe 2011 would be a boom year for Singapore’s stock market.

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