AEM (SGX: AWX) share price to hit $6?

Sembcorp Marine share price

In February 2021, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to address a global semiconductor shortage. The recent explosive demand for chips arises because of supply chain disruption caused by pandemic. The shortage has resulted in serious production bottlenecks in US automobile industry. To add fuel to fire, the US-China trade saw companies like Apple and Sony hoarding chips for their electronic products. In view of this massive demand for computer chips, would AEM (AWX) share price rise to smash past $6?

AEM AWX share price

The global shortage of semiconductors takes place at a time when US policymakers are about to unleash another stimulus package, estimated at a whopping US$1.9 trillion. Based on historical trends, the stimulus is expected to lead to another bull run in the stock market. So I am of the view that AEM (AWX) share price should enjoy another splendid run in the coming weeks.

AEM share price ready for Nasdaq listing?

AEM share price worth $10?

AEM share price rocked by Intel

AEM share price to rocket to $5.00?

Note that this is an opinion article and not meant to be a financial advice. Please do your due diligence or engage financial …

Wilmar (SGX: F34) share price on the brink

Wilmar F34 share price

Investors of Wilmar (F34) must have that deja vu feeling. In October 2020, Wilmar (F34) share price suffered an explosive meltdown following the hugely successful listing of Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co., Ltd (YKA) on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ChiNext Board. Fast forward to 22 February 2021, Wilmar (F34) share price fell again following the release of a set of stellar financial result which saw the Group announcing a record total dividend of $0.13.

Wilmar share price on the way to $10?

Wilmar share price turned bullish with surging CPO

Wilmar share price to hit $5?

Wilmar share price to explode with India IPO?

The form of Wilmar (F34) share price is truly frustrating. We are talking about an organization which recorded a net profit of US$1.54 billion in FY2020. Amid the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic, how many Singapore companies out there are able to achieve such impressive result (apart from the local banks)? In view of this, I would say that the form of Wilmar (F34) share price does not do justice to its business fundamentals.

Wilmar F34 share price

To put things into context, the trigger for the recent correction of Wilmar (F34) share price is quite

Sembcorp (SGX: U96) share price worth $4?

Sembcorp Marine share price

In my last article, I wrote that I have exited Sembcorp (U96) at $1.85 in December 2020. Indeed, the stock never really hit above $1.85 since my exit. But on 23 Feb, both Sembcorp (U96) and Sembcorp Marine (S51) share prices unexpectedly stirred back to life to increase marginally upon the release of full-year financial results for FY2020. What on earth has happened?

Given that Sembcorp (U96) suffered almost $1 billion of losses, a member of SG Wealth Builder wrote in to enquire why Sembcorp (U96) did not suffer a catastrophic meltdown but rose slightly instead. I will share my view on Sembcorp Marine briefly and then provide an in-depth analysis on Sembcorp (U96).

Sembcorp U96

In my opinion, it is within expectation that Sembcorp Marine would incur heavy losses for FY2020 as COVID-19 led to various project stoppages and delays. Certainly, it is not light at end of tunnel yet. But the $2.1 billion rights issue had provided a crucial lifeline to Sembcorp Marine. In addition, Sembcorp Marine is also pivoting its business to green energy as the Group is actively tendering for more than 10 projects in Renewable Energy and Gas Solutions. These are …

US stocks in lost decade?

AEM share price

Recently, one of the members of SG Wealth Builder wrote in to seek my opinion on the outlook for US stocks. Apparently, there is a lot of literature floating around stating that US stocks are in for a “lost decade”. As a matter of fact, even veteran investor, Charlie Munger, has weighed in and mentioned something to that effect.

How does a lost decade for US stocks affect retail investors and what sort of actions should we undertake against such backdrop?

US stocks

This is not the first time that someone suggested that US stocks are poised to suffer a massive correction in 2021. In fact, a few members had expressed concerns that a “holocaust” for US stocks could be looming given the recent record highs of Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ. Should investors run for their lives?

Obviously, no one can predict the future and trying to predict the future directions of US stocks is getting difficult nowadays with so much volatility ongoing in the market. Nonetheless, in this article, I will share a balanced and pragmatic outlook of US stocks.

Note that this is an opinion article and not meant to be a financial advice. Please do your due …

DBS share price (SGX: D05) bottomed out?

DBS Group Holdings share price D05

Many investors claim that the best time to buy a stock is when the price has reached bottom. After all, when one reaches the bottom of the cliff, the only way to go is upwards. In this regard, has DBS share price (SGX: D05) bottomed out or has it gotten ahead of its business fundamentals?

Being one of the leading lights of SGX, DBS share price (SGX: D05) is considered a key barometer of local stock market performance. Amid the disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, many investors scrutinize DBS share price (SGX: D05) for signs of economic recovery.

DBS share price D05

For sure, 2020 had been such a horrible year for everyone with the implosion of COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the devastating economic impacts of coronavirus, it took only nine months for DBS share price (SGX: D05) to stage a U-shape recovery. By December, the stock has recovered back to the pre COVID-19 levels (the stock was trading around $25 in the latter half of 2019).

DBS Group Holdings riding the storm

DBS Group Holdings share price & Piyush Gupta

In all honesty, the performance of DBS share price (SGX: D05) in the past six months had exceeded my …

Parkway Life REIT to hit $5?

Parkway Life REIT

How high will Parkway Life REIT go? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital S-REIT acquired another nursing home in Japan, divested a non-core property in Japan and also delivered an impressive set of full-year financial result. These events helped to turbo-charge the unit price of Parkway Life REIT to wonderland. At the going rate, this counter is behaving more like a growth stock instead of a REIT.

Parkway Life REIT

The interesting thing about Parkway Life REIT is that the counter is not just performing like a growth stock, it also has an impressive 13-year track record of DPU growth since IPO. Indeed, this sounds incredible as there are not many such stocks in Singapore Exchange. But I am not joking. The graph below depicts the kind of growth for Parkway Life REIT.

Source: Parkway Life REIT

Question now is: will Parkway Life REIT hit $5 in 2021? On the basis of the current form, hitting $5 is not considered to be “mission impossible”. Frankly, I have been a long-time admirer of Parkway Life REIT. But if the counter really reached such a level, does it represent any value for money for investors to enter? In this article, …

Alibaba (HKG: 9988) to surge 10-fold in value?

Alibaba 9988

The last time that I covered Alibaba was in January 2019. Back then, Alibaba had not yet launched a secondary listing in Hong Kong and the former British colony was in complete turmoil with the unrelenting civil protests. To make matters worse, the company’s US stock was reeling from the devastating fallout from the US-China trade war. Since then, Alibaba (HKG: 9988) was listed in Hong Kong but the landscape has turned significantly darker with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. And then, there is the Ant Group IPO fiasco.

Given the series of unfortunate events, is it the right time to invest in Alibaba (9988) now?

Alibaba share price in wonderland with Temasek Holdings

Dark side of Alibaba Group

Alibaba 9988

Recently, a member wrote in to ask for my insights on the leading Chinese e-commerce giant. Indeed, investing in Alibaba (9988) has not been easy because of the unfolding events. But if investors are willing to invest in this stock for the long-term, Alibaba (9988) could be a good match for Amazon stock, which surged 10-fold in value from 2015 to 2021.

The enduring form of Amazon proved that e-commerce is here to stay. In my …

OCBC share price in new dawn

OCBC share price O39

What a way for OCBC share to start the year. On 8 January 2021, OCBC stunned investors by announcing the retirement of former CEO Samuel Tsien. Prior to this, there was no hint of succession planning for the CEO position. Nonetheless, the market cheered the news and sent OCBC share price surging 7%, rising from $10.10 to a high of $10.80 on 8 January 2021. Will the new CEO, Ms Helen Wong, ignited sparks for OCBC share price?

Hands on heart, I have nothing against Samuel Tsien. In fact, I quite like him. Over the past decade, OCBC has emerged as the number two bank in Singapore, much thanks to the acquisitions of Hong Kong’s Wing Hang Bank, Barclays Wealth and Investment businesses in Singapore and Australia and National Australia’s Wealth and Investment businesses in Singapore and Australia. These mergers and acquisitions led to rising OCBC share price during Samuel Tsien’s tenure.

OCBC share price

Although Samuel Tsien’s tenure in OCBC had been defined by successful merger and acquisitions, the final lap of his helm saw OCBC share price losing form due to the 2019’s US-China trade war and the 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic. Admittedly, I had lost patience …

GameStop share price could lead to global market crash?


Could this be the beginning of the end? The recent GameStop share price saga has upended the conventional wisdom in stock markets. For centuries, the big boys had always ruled the financial markets. Based on my knowledge, there was no precedent in which retail investors win the big boys. But in the last week of January 2021, the world has witnessed an extra-ordinary event in which the big boys of Wall Street was thrashed by the retail investors.

In late January 2021, there were reports of US hedge funds losing billions in assets after retail traders drove up prices of shares that were being heavily shorted by the big boys. GameStop share price, a loss-making video game retailer in US, had become a key battleground between the retail investors and the hedge funds.

Without taking sides, I am more worried about the implications out of this saga. When the big boys need to cover their short selling losses, they would have to deleverage and sell their liquid assets, namely the blue chips. As Dow Jones is dominated by thirty blue chips, the sell-offs by the big boys had caused the index to plunge 600 points …

Keppel share price in explosive destiny

Keppel share price

In perhaps one of the biggest corporate shake ups in recent decades, Keppel shocked investors by dropping the bombshell that it will exit the oil rig building business. On this note, it seems that Keppel share price is heading toward unchartered waters. In December 2020, I wrote that Keppel share price could remain volatile against the backdrop of the new normal for global crude oil prices. Indeed, Keppel share price collapsed by 8% on 29 January 2021 after the announcement of a set of dismal FY2020 results.

Full-year losses amounted to a staggering $508 million. The losses were largely attributed to the $952 million of impairments, mainly from the Offshore & Marine business. Arising from this, investors wasted no time punishing this counter as Keppel share price spiralled out of control, falling from $5.40 to $5.00 on 29 January 2021.

Keppel share price to soar with potential demergers?

Keppel share price plunged to 11 year low

Keppel share price in winter wonderland with Temasek Holdings

Can Keppel share price meet the great expectations of Temasek Holdings?

In view of the challenging operating environment for Keppel, a long-time SG Wealth Builder Lifetime member quickly wrote …

iFAST share price in massive bubble

iFAST share price

What a stunning rally of iFAST share price! Last year on this date, iFAST share price was trading at merely $1.05. Fast forward to January 2021, the stock had risen by nearly 5-fold. The incredible stock performance is certainly surreal for investors. After all, multi-baggers are extremely rare in Singapore stock market. Given the massive run up, investors must be wondering if the form of iFAST share price is sustainable. In this regard, should investors take profits and run for their lives?

iFAST share price

What goes up must surely come down. This is a universal fact of life. Although the fairy-tale run of iFAST share price had given investors plenty to cheer about, I fear that this counter could have gone up way too “fast and furious”. When you have so much euphoria, it is a tell-tale sign of a massive bubble building up. Retail investors should be cautious of being caught with their pants down when the tide turns against them.

Since October 2020, SGX had raised three queries over the unusual iFAST share price movements. In view of this, investors must be cautious when trading this stock.

History has proven that iFAST share price …

My stock investment portfolio


As a matter of policy, I do not usually share my stock investment portfolio in this blog. This is because I do not want to create the impression that I am showing off my wealth. However, at the request of an SG Wealth Builder Lifetime member, I am sharing my investment portfolio for the first time. I feel obliged to share this article as this member has been a loyal member and I would like to repay his faith in me.

Apart from the Lifetime member’s request, I think the sharing of my stock investment portfolio will be good for my self-development as it helps to provide clarity on the thought process for my investments. Obviously, we all have investment blind spots and will inevitably make mistakes in the course of our wealth journey. In this regard, I think it is important to do self-reflections from time to time so that we can learn from mistakes and improve to become better investors.

Having this update also serves as a good documentation to keep track of how I have fared as an investor. I think members of SG Wealth Builder will want to know that I …

Wilmar share price on the way to $10?

Wilmar share price

What an explosive run for Wilmar share price! On the back of record crude palm oil prices (CPO), Wilmar share price soars to high heavens. Indeed, the return of the form of Wilmar share price is timely as investors await the release of the highly-anticipated full-year financial results, which will be released on 22 February 2021.

In 2020, Sembcorp Industries was the best performing Straits Times Index (STI) component. I had made a profit of $17,500 from that counter and rebalanced my portfolio by investing in Wilmar. On the basis of the raging form of Wilmar share price, I am confident that Wilmar will be the best performing STI component in 2021.

Wilmar share price

Wilmar share price turned bullish with surging CPO

Wilmar share price to hit $5?

Wilmar share price to explode with India IPO?

Question now is: will Willmar share price storm to $10? This is definitely not a crazy wild guess with no investment basis. Net profit for 9MFY2020 was already US$1.14 billion. If we factored in the US$2.01 billion proceeds received from Yihai Kerry Arowana (YKA) and the 4th quarter net profit, the total net profit could be US$3.5 billion, which translates …

First Reit share price in crisis

Sembcorp Marine share price

What a perfect storm for First Reit share price! In December 2018, I wrote an article “Dark chapter for high-flying First REIT”. In that article, I highlighted the two key risks for First Reit – over-reliance on its Sponsor (PT Lippo Karawaci, LPKR) for rental income and currency exchange risks. Indeed, my worst fear came true when First Reit share price blew up spectacularly in 2020. Should investors run for their lives or fight to the very end?

First Reit share price

Make no mistake, COVID-19 pandemic should not be seen as the attributing factor for the collapse of First Reit share price. Troubles actually began to brew way back in 2018 when LPKR embarked on the massive Meikarta real estate development in Indonesia. Costing USD21 billion, this is the largest project that the Riady family has taken so far. The required funding is colossus. As such, the amount involved drained the conglomerate’s cash flow and impacted the liquidity of the Group.

For sure, the moment of revelation was unleashed on 1 June 2020 when LPKR dropped the bombshell of unilaterally restructuring its master lease agreements (MLAs) with First Reit. To add to the mayhem, the …

CapitaLand share price to hit $5 in 2021?

Wilmar share price

On 3 November 2020, I wrote that CapitaLand share price could have bottomed when the blue chip sunk to a low of $2.50. At that price level, my diagnosis was that it was a good opportunity to enter this counter. Subsequently, CapitaLand share price turned on the style to stage a magnificent recovery, soaring from $2.50 to a high of $3.30 in recent days. Christmas certainly came early for CapitaLand investors but is the current rally of CapitaLand share price sustainable in 2021?

The recent resurrection of CapitaLand share price can be attributed to a combination of several potent factors. Firstly, with Joe Biden being confirmed as the new President of United States, much uncertainties had been removed from global stock markets. As a result, most of the Straits Times Index (STI) components rediscovered their forms lately. And CapitaLand share price, being one of the leading lights in SGX, was no exception.

CapitaLand share price

Secondly, 2021 could be a pivotal year for CapitaLand share price as the Group attempts to ride on the much-anticipated COVID-19 recovery in Singapore and China. As of September 2020, 43% of the Group’s assets were in Singapore while 37% of the assets …

Wilmar share price turned bullish with surging CPO

Wilmar share price

Form is temporary, class is permanent. In this regard, will Wilmar share price stage a “return of the King”? The counter has been in mighty form lately due to the resurgent crude palm oil (CPO) prices. The monsoon season has caused floods in many areas of the oil palm plantations and caused tight supply. According to Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), CPO prices are expected to be trading above RM3,000 per tonne mark until the first quarter of 2021.

As Wilmar is one of the world’s largest oil palm plantation owners, CPO prices have always been proxy for Wilmar share price. In fact, the recent explosive form of Wilmar share price should be attributed to the robust CPO prices. To put things into perspective, the current CPO price of RM3836 was nearly a decade record high.

Wilmar share price to hit $5?

Wilmar share price

Based on data extracted from MPOB, the last time that CPO prices were trading at RM3800 to RM3900 levels was in February 2011. Back then, Wilmar share price was trading at around the $5.25 bandwidth. Of course, many investors would argue that over the past decade, Wilmar’s businesses had evolved significantly and that …

Keppel share price to soar with potential demergers?

Nanofilm share price

The only predictable thing about Keppel share price is its unpredictability. In this regard, will 2021 herald a new era or yet another false dawn for Keppel share price? Looking back, it has been an absolute gut-wrenching ride for investors as Keppel share price undergo tremendous volatility in 2020.

The counter plunged to $4.90 on 19 March when global stock markets blew up in pieces during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, all hell broke loose for Keppel share price as the blue chip was not spared from the terrifying carnage.

Keppel share price

The resulting COVID-19 pandemic had led to oil prices collapsing to negative levels in May 2020. Nonetheless, Keppel share price confounded analysts to stage a swift recovery from the meltdown to hit a high of $6.00. Unfortunately, that impressive run was soon brought to an unexpected halt when Temasek Holdings pulled out of the conditional offer to buy a controlling stake in Keppel Corp.

Keppel share price plunged to 11 year low

Keppel share price in winter wonderland with Temasek Holdings

Can Keppel share price meet the great expectations of Temasek Holdings?

Indeed, the stunning move by Temasek Holdings had briefly caused a crisis …

Behind the Scenes of The Property Market

property market

Ten years ago, I began my real estate journey when I just started a family. My first property was a 5-room HDB flat in Bedok. That property let me made my first pot of gold when I sold it at the peak of the 2013 property market. Back then, we had decided to downgrade to a 3-room HDB flat in Bedok. Subsequently in 2017, my family upgraded to an Executive Condominium (EC) in Punggol – The Terrace.

As I look back at my family’s financial journey, I can’t help but marvel how property had indeed played a significant part in my life’s progression. No doubt about it, if you played the game right, real estate can truly unlock value for you. As we are approaching the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) for our EC, we are considering the next step forward. So when property blogger, Vina Ip, invited me to review her book – Behind the Scenes of The Property Market – I thought it was really god-send.

property market

Incidentally, this is the second book review that I am doing for Vina. In 2014, I had done a review on her book “No B.S. Guide to Property Investment – Dirty

Jiutian Chemical share price to hit $0.20?

Jiutian Chemical share price

After losing my pants investing in an S-chip more than 10 years ago, I swore never to touch anymore S-chips in my life again. The impetus for this article arises from a request of a member who enquired about the recent bout of volatility of Jiutian Chemical share price. In the course of my research, I find that this stock could be an interesting COVID-19 recovery play.

Once again, this is a premium article. To unlock the full article, please sign up as member! In addition to viewing all the premium articles, you can request for coverage of stocks you are interested in.

Jiutian Chemical share price

Since 2007, Jiutian Chemical share price had collapsed by a stunning 90% to reach abysmal levels. The arrival of COVID-19 in 2020 had also led to Jiutian Chemical share price plunging to a record low of $0.01. Against this backdrop, investors could be forgiven for thinking that it’s the end of the road for Jiutian Chemical share price.

Nonetheless, sometimes life can be stranger than fiction. Who would expect that Jiutian Chemical share price is now trading at a 5-year high? What could have led to the revival of Jiutian Chemical …

Wilmar share price to hit $5?

Wilmar share price

SIGN UP FOR $10 TO UNLOCK ALL ARTICLES! Amid the era of COVID-19, not many SGX companies can boast making US$1 billion profits, much less clocking higher earnings as compared to 2019. Wilmar is one of the exceptional elites which have performed well despite the devastating pandemic. In this regard, will Wilmar share price hit $5 in 2021?

In spite of the good financial performance, Wilmar share price remains the biggest enigma among investors. Year-to-date, there is no change in Wilmar share price despite the robust financial performance. Very strangely, the counter was trading at $4.20 on 2 January and remained at the same bandwidth at the point of writing. In between this period, Wilmar share price has witnessed pretty much volatility as the counter plunged to a low of $2.90 on 23 March to a high of $4.90 on 19 August.

Indeed, Wilmar share price had been a complete let down. Many investors expect the stock to soar following the successful listing of subsidiary Yihai Kerry Arawana (YKA) in the China stock market. In fact, net proceeds of US$2.05 billion were received from the new YKA shares issued. Instead, Wilmar share price collapsed from $4.66 on 14 October (the …

Four Ways SEO Can Help You Grow Your Business


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are search engines. Billions of people use them every day and search for solutions to their every little problem. These services take benefit of their massive user base and use it for marketing purposes.

These search engines don’t have answers to all queries, so they allow you to answer the queries of its users. Almost all businesses provide a solution to a problem and make money from it. So they create websites and target those searched queries.


The problem is that there are a lot of businesses offering the same service, so search engines like Google look for the best results and rank them accordingly on the result pages. In order to make their website ranks in the top results, businesses hire the help of SEO experts. Here I have shared why you also need to take the help of an SEO agency Singapore to grow your business.

Cheaper Marketing

Marketing usually takes the biggest chunk of profits. However, SEO doesn’t require you to invest all your profits away. It’s one of the cheapest digital marketing tactics that brings you measurable results. You will have to invest some …

Singtel share price sinks or swims with digital banks?

Singtel share price

SIGN UP FOR $10 TO UNLOCK ALL ARTICLES! The headlines screamed “Singtel share price soared with digital bank win”. Yet on 7 December (the following Monday after which Grab-Singtel consortium won a full digital banking license from MAS), short-selling volume rose to a stunning high of 21 million shares. This is almost five times the average short-selling volume for this counter. What’s going on?

As one of the leading lights of SGX mainboard, Singtel share is highly popular with investors. So the recent digital bank license win must have brought some relief to many of these long-suffering investors. For the past one year, Singtel share price had been in terrible form, plunging from $3.40 at the start of the year to a low of $2.00 on 2 November. Not surprising, the key culprits for the bearish form of Singtel share price were the COVID-19 pandemic and the losses from Airtel.

Singtel share price

Then on 12 November, Singtel share price came under further pressure following the announcement of the 1HFY2021 results which saw the interim dividend falling to 5.1 cents. This is the lowest interim dividend in the past decade.

The digital bank license win should renew faith and increased interests among …

Sembcorp Industries share price gave me 37% return!

Sembcorp Industries share price

SIGN UP FOR $10 TO UNLOCK ALL ARTICLES! Christmas certainly comes early for Sembcorp Industries investors as Sembcorp Industries share price surged from $1.17 on 9 September to $1.85 on 4 December. The incredible run of Sembcorp Industries share price followed the epic demerger from the ailing Sembcorp Marine. The deal propelled Sembcorp Industries share price to one of the best, if not the best, performing stocks in SGX mainboard.

Sembcorp Industries is the best stock that I have ever invested in. In late September, I bought 35,000 shares when Sembcorp Industries share price was trading at $1.35. On 7 December, I decided to cash out and clocked in $17,500 of profits. The decision to cash out was not easy because of the good work of CEO Wong Kim Yin.

Sembcorp Industries share price

For sure, CEO Wong Kim Yin hit the ground running. Appointed as CEO only in 1 July 2020, he had overseen the demerger of Sembcorp Marine and quickly pivoted Sembcorp Industries’ business focus in the clean energy sector with a slew of contract wins. As he was the former CEO of Singapore Power, Wong Kim Yin should be the right man for the right job. In this regard, I am …

Lion OCBC Securities Hang Seng Tech ETF


Ten years ago, it is hard to imagine Chinese technology companies that could rival their US counterparts like Google, FaceBook, Amazon and Netflix. Now, the likes of Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent have dominated Mainland Chinese’s mammoth market. Against the backdrop of a US-China trade war, many of them have secondary listings in the Hong Kong stock exchange in recent years. Could this trend be a catalyst for Lion OCBC Securities Hang Seng Tech ETF?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

OCBC share price on the way to $11

If you believe in the long-term growth of Chinese technology industry, the Lion OCBC Securities Hang Seng Tech ETF may be an interesting offering. Lion Global Investors, the asset management arm of OCBC bank, is listing the Lion OCBC Securities Hang Seng Tech ETF. Launched in 20 July 2020, the Hang Seng Tech Index tracks the 30 largest technology companies listed in Hong Kong. The IPO period for Lion OCBC Securities Hang Seng Tech ETF is from 23 November to 7 December 2020.


For the uninitiated, exchange-traded fund is a passive investment in which a fund attempts to replicate the performance of the index in which it is …

OCBC share price on the way to $11

OCBC share price

On 9 November 2020, I wrote that OCBC share price was poised for an upturn and could potentially hit $10.00. Since then, OCBC share price went on a splendid run to smash past $10.00 within a span of just two weeks. The superb form of OCBC share price caught many investors, including myself, by surprise.

The main catalyst for OCBC share price should be attributed to the possibility of COVID-19 vaccination deployment in December, sparking widespread pent-up expectations of macroeconomic recovery in 2021. Indeed, 2020 has been such a wretched year for OCBC share price that any positive developments in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic raise expectations of a global economic recovery.

OCBC share price

Another catalyst for OCBC share price was the Lion Global Investors’ listing of tech-focused ETF on SGX. The ETF tracks technology companies listed in Hang Seng. As Lion Global Investors is the asset management arm of OCBC, the ETF should give OCBC share price a shot in the arm and fuel the bullish form of OCBC share price.

The third driving force for OCBC share price should be the stellar performance of its wealth management unit – Bank of Singapore. The acquisition of …

Will that fits the bill


By Lena Teng, CFP®, Acting Head of Solutions and Investment Lead, MoneyOwl

Amongst all the pillars of financial management, from savings to investments to retirement planning, will-writing is definitely the one that’s most misunderstood.

A will is a legal document through which a person declares how his/her assets will be distributed in the event of death. A simple internet search on ‘will-writing’ brings you to a long list of suggestions, of which a good number of them focus only on breaking down its misconceptions and common myths. The immense number of articles on this just goes to show that many are still unsure of this confusing and misunderstood aspect of financial planning.


This is a significant knowledge gap that needs to be addressed—as it contributes a big part to why will-writing remains to be a taboo topic amongst most in Singapore, with 56% of adult Singaporeans reporting that they have not made a will.
Will writing is not only crucial, but also a surprisingly simpler process compared to all other aspects of financial planning. The quick questionnaire below will help you unpack the seemingly mysterious concept of will-writing.

Question 1. Which of these is closest to the sum left unclaimed …

DBS Group Holdings share price in India adventure

DBS Group Holdings share price

Since early November 2020, DBS Group Holdings share price went on an explosive run, surging from $20.35 to a high of $25.00 on 23 November. The driving factors for the bullish run of DBS Group Holdings share price were the excellent 3rd quarter financial result, the 95% efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine trial and Joe Biden being confirmed as the new President of United States.

Nonetheless, DBS Group Holdings share price turned cold turkey after the stunning announcement of a proposed merger of its wholly owned subsidiary, DBS Bank India Limited (DBIL), with the ailing Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Market reactions were mixed, causing DBS Group Holdings share price to lose steam.

DBS Group Holdings riding the storm

DBS Group Holdings share price & Piyush Gupta

DBS Group Holdings share in bloodbath with Hin Leong

DBS Group Holdings share in explosive meltdown

DBS Group share price in dark chapter with virus

DBS Group Holdings share price ambushed by coronavirus?

DBS Group Holdings share price

Obviously, many Singapore investors are still miffing over the epic multi-billion fines meted out by Indian court against Singtel in November 2019. That saga caused Singtel to record its first quarterly loss amounting to a whopping $668 …

Keppel REIT share price to explode with special dividends?

Keppel REIT share price

My last article on Keppel REIT share price was in October 2019. Obviously, that was before the implosion of COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the landscape has changed drastically and Keppel REIT share price was not spared from the unfolding events.

Recently, the management team provided a business update to the local finance bloggers community. I had the privilege to attend the briefing and had the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into this leading commercial REIT. For the longest time, I have been interested in investing in an S-REIT. In this article, I will share the investment merits and cons of Keppel REIT share price.

Keppel REIT share price

In the previous update, I have shared that the management had been aggressively buying back units from the market. Since then, the management went on to conduct even more units buybacks in 2020. The amount of units buybacks was truly breath-taking – at 95.3 million units since 3QFY2018. The massive units buybacks provided critical support for the stock as Keppel REIT share price bounced from $0.90 on 24 March to a high of $1.20 on 10 June 2020.

While it is very common for listed companies to conduct shares …

Sembcorp share price dances with potential India IPO

Keppel Corp share price

Post-demerger with Sembcorp Marine, Sembcorp share price turned bullish to hit a high of $1.69 on 13 November. Within a span of merely two months, Sembcorp share price rose a stunning 44%, making this counter one of the best stocks, if not the best, in Singapore Exchange.

Could rumours of the blockbuster listing of subsidiary, Sembcorp Energy India Limited (SEIL), sparked the explosive rally of Sembcorp share price? Even if the IPO did not materialize in 2020, the release of SEIL’s half yearly result on 13 November certainly gave Sembcorp share price plenty of boost.

Sembcorp Industries share price will hit $3.00

Sembcorp Industries to smash $3.00 with India IPO?

Sembcorp Industries share price to hit $5.00 after demerger?

Sembcorp share price

SEIL announced a net profit of Rs3.57 billion ($55 million) for 1HFY2020, reversing losses of Rs164 million ($3 million) in 1HFY2019. The financial result of SEIL is certainly encouraging and will surely lend support to the IPO as it indicates that the market condition has improved in India. Against this backdrop, Sembcorp share price turned bullish for the couple of months.

In October, the management also implemented a slew of initiatives that helped to push up …

Wilmar share price to explode with India IPO?

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Following the listing of subsidiary Yihai Kerry Arawana (YKA), Wilmar share price surged to a high of $4.70 before plunging to a low of $4.00 in October. The fall of Wilmar share price confounded plenty of investors as the market capitalization of Wilmar represented half of its value of holding in YKA at the point of the IPO. This is indeed a very strange phenomenon!

Wilmar share price is prone to movement of the big boys because in FY2019 annual report, the number of shares held by public constituted just only 28%. This means that the major shareholders have a major influence on the share price movement. Indeed, Wilmar share price took a beating in August 2020 when major shareholder, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), sold 170.5 million Wilmar at $4.40. In addition to that, ADM had entered into a stock-borrow arrangement in respect of its Wilmar shares in connection with its offering of US$300,000,000 zero coupon exchangeable bonds.

Wilmar share price

To halt the rapid slump of Wilmar share price, the management went on the offensive to rescue the stock – ranging from shares buybacks, announcement of special dividend, insider buying and reporting a stellar 3rd quarter …