SIA share price (SGX: C6L) on bullet train!

Lifetime Membership Hurry! The train is leaving! SIA share price (SGX:C6L) looks set for a supersonic run after the Group posted a record $1.23 billion half-year operating profit. The blow-out result came on the back of a surge in travel demand as Singapore fully opened its borders to vaccinated travellers since April 2022. To put the icing on the cake, the Group declared its first dividend in three years.

For sure, Christmas certainly comes early for SIA investors. The turnaround for the national carrier had taken longer than expected due to the protracted pandemic. Those who had given up on SIA share price (SGX: C6L) could be forgiven as there had been so many twists and turns. Nonetheless, the latest financial result would put to rest any lingering doubts that this is another false dawn for SIA share price (SGX:C6L).

SIA share price

The explosive pent-up demand for air travel led to revenue for 1HFY2022/23 surging almost 200% to hit $8.4 billion while net profit reached $927 million. During the first half, revenue from passenger segment rose nearly 700% year-on-year to nearly $6 billion. Traffic was a staggering 11-fold higher, underscoring the phenomenon of revenge leisure travel.

SIA share price in wheel of fortunes

SIA share price in baptism of fire!

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Mapletree Logistics Trust (M44U) so bad its good

Lifetime Membership In August 2022, I wrote that Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U) returned from coma as the counter surged to a high of $1.81. Yet that bullish run did not last as the unit price bombed out to a low of $1.42 on 21 October. Whilst Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U) had managed to climb back to $1.60 in November, the trashy form of the unit price certainly left a bitter taste in investors’ mouth.

Year-to-date, Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U) declined by about 13%. The sluggish unit price of Mapletree Logistics Trust (SGX: M44U) was attributed to the lack of buying by institutional investors. For nearly 11 months, Mapletree Logistics Trust did not feature in the SGX Top Ten Institutional Net Buy Stocks.


To be fair to the S-REIT, 2022 has been a difficult year for most stocks as global stock markets suffered endless shelling from the US Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes. Many S-REITs and technology stocks had been razed to the ground as investors fled for their lives due to concerns that the soaring interest rates would hurt bottom-line for companies operating in these sectors.

For S-REITS, falling unit price poses a tricky challenge because most of them tend to conduct equity funding to raise capital for acquisitions.

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AEM share price on US$3 billion goldmine!

What a swashbuckling return! From a low of $3.08 on 21 October, AEM share price stormed back in style to hit a high of $3.47 in recent days. The recovery of AEM share price came on the back of a stellar 3rd quarter financial result. In this blog, I have always maintained that on its day, AEM share price can be unbeatable. Conversely, when the tide goes against AEM share price, the counter can spiral out of control. In view of this, this counter is not for the faint-hearted.

The recent rout of AEM share price was attributed to the troubles faced by its key customer – Intel. Consequently, various analysts came out slashing their targets for AEM share price. Intel is struggling to turn around its business as it incurred loss of US$500 million in 2nd quarter.

While 3rd quarter saw Intel recording US$1 billion profit, the result still paled in comparison to the US$6.8 billion profit recorded in Q3FY2021. As the US chipmaker tried to revive its business, it announced cost reductions of US$3 billion in FY2023. Being a key supplier of back-end test equipment for Intel, AEM may be affected if Intel chooses to defer its test equipment orders from AEM.

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DBS Group Holdings share price in jet lag!

Lifetime Membership From a low of $32.40, DBS Group Holdings share price shook off the blues of Black October to smash to a six-month high of $34.20. The return of DBS Group Holdings share price came on the back of a stellar 3rd quarter financial result that saw the bank recording a record $2.24 billion net profit. But before investors had the chance to pop the champagne, US Federal Reserve decided to gate-crash and spoil the party.

DBS’ latest financial result was released a day after the Fed unleashed the fourth interest rate hike of 75 basis points in this year. At the same time, the Fed also hinted of further interest rate hike ahead, albeit at smaller increase, in its bid to fight inflation. The latest move by the Fed sent global stock markets into another tailspin. In the process, DBS Group Holdings share price was rattled as well.

DBS Group Holdings share

By right, banks should be the biggest beneficiaries from the interest rate hikes because of the increase in their net interest incomes. Yet the concern right now is whether the aggressive interest rate hikes could tip global economy into a long recession. In the face of a potential Singapore’s economic downturn, local banks will be the first in the line of fire.

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