AEM share price to explode with Nasdaq listing?

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Will AEM share price hit high heavens with a Nasdaq listing? Speculative rumors of a potential listing in Nasdaq had been ongoing for two years. The market rumors went into an overdrive in July 2020 when SGX and Nasdaq entered into an agreement to help companies access capital markets funding in both jurisdictions. While the company has never announced that a listing in Nasdaq is on the cards, my vision is that a listing in Nasdaq should be the endgame for AEM share price.

AEM share price rockets to the moon!

AEM share price to hit $6?

In my memory, the last time that a home-grown company that got listed in Nasdaq was Creative Technologies. In 2007, Creative exited Nasdaq after winning a $100 million patent dispute against Apple. In my opinion, AEM must have learned the painful lessons from the Creative saga and pivoted its business on developing innovative solutions for its customers. This means that in order for AEM to become the defacto “King of Technology”, the company must continuously develop patents to protect its intellectual properties.

AEM share price

Indeed, Non-executive Chairman Loke Wai San is the right man for the right job at the right time. Being trained in engineering, Loke Wai San was the man who led AEM share price out of dark Egypt when the former management of AEM was embroiled in corruption scandal in 2012. Back then, AEM share price was on the brink of collapse and the company had been placed on the SGX Watch-List since 2010.

In those dark days, Loke Wai San had to make the difficult decision of selling off the struggling substrate business and to focus on the equipment business. Arising from these challenges, many investors had written off AEM share price. But Loke Wai San saw the potential …

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3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Get a Life Insurance

Most of us work our entire lives just for our family. Some might be after improving just their lifestyle, but at least every man or woman with kids keeps the interest of his/her kids first. They go the extra mile in professional life and work extra to get the best for their children.

Many succeed in getting more than what their kids need. They know they will take care of all their needs while they are alive and working. However, it’s a problem when they won’t be here. This is why there is a service called life insurance. Millions of people get life insurance all around the world, and here is why you should too.


It’s for Your Family, Not You

You have to pay a premium your most life or until you die. This can scare many people, thinking about how they save enough money. Many think that they do many other better things with that same money. Some would choose to invest in a house, and some in their business.

However, remember that it’s not an expense you are doing for yourself. It’s not a wish but a need, and you are doing it for your family. It’s much easier to spend money when you are spending it on your family. A smart man always considers the worst-case scenario and prepares for it.

You also need to consider the worst and make the best preparation. You should see life insurance Singapore and decide which plan is best for you. You have to consider all expenses of your family and your current income when buying insurance. Don’t buy a premium that you can’t afford or won’t pay all the basic needs for your family when you are gone.

Protect Even When You’re Gone

The main reason people buy life …

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Singtel share price turning the tide

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP 2 November 2020 will be remembered by many investors as the darkest day for Singtel share price. That was the fateful day that Singtel share price crashed to decades low of $2.00. The dismal form of Singtel share price is perhaps a vote of no confidence in the company’s outlook. Nonetheless, Singtel share price fought back from the low to reach a high of $2.40. The turn of Singtel share price came after the digital bank license win in December 2020.

Singtel share price sinks or swims with digital banks

Singtel share price in state of emergency

Singtel share price crashed to 12-year low

Singtel share price braces for bloodbath

Singtel share price

On looking back, Singtel share price peaked at a high of $4.40 in April 2015. Incidentally, SingPost share price also peaked at a high of $2.00 in that period. Subsequently, the implosion of the corporate governance over at SingPost had caused the share price of the mailing company to suffer a horrendous meltdown. Being a substantial shareholder of SingPost, Singtel had to dispatch its former Chairman, Simon Israel, to double hat as Chairman of SingPost. Consequently, Singtel share price never recapture the high of $4.40.

Obviously, it is irresponsible to attribute the downfall of Singtel share price to events unfolding at SingPost given that they are two separate entities operating in different sectors. What I am trying to highlight is that the challenges faced by Singtel and SingPost could have taken a toll on former Chairman, Simon Israel. Managing two key assets of Temasek Holdings is no walk in the park. This is especially so given that Singtel faced its own set of challenges.

Indeed, the period from 2015 to 2016 proved to be challenging for Singtel as the telecommunication industry underwent liberalisation that saw TPG being granted …

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Sembcorp Marine share price to smash past $0.40?

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP When will Temasek Holdings drop the bombshell? Speculations of a merger between Keppel Offshore Marine (KOM) and Sembcorp Marine had been brewing for years. In fact, the merger appeared to be looming when Temasek Holdings made a partial offer for Keppel Corp in 2019. However, the withdrawal of the partial offer in 2020 threw a spanner in the works. Even so, most investors expect the merger to take place given the potential for synergy and cost savings. In this context, what will the impact for Sembcorp Marine share price if the merger does occur?

In a bizarre turn of event, Sembcorp Marine will become the global top oil-rig builder following Keppel Corp’s announcement to exit the business within two to three years. Whether this development will enable light at end of tunnel for Sembcorp marine share price is subjected to debate. Nonetheless, the move to pivot its business in the renewable energy industry is encouraging.

Sembcorp Marine share price & the Big Boys

Looking at the SGX Market Depth data (16 April), it seems that Sembcorp Marine share price enjoys good support from the big boys. As can be seen from the above data, there is 91 queue orders of 7,987,600 shares. It means that the support level for Sembcorp Marine share price is $0.195. Once price level drops to this level, there will be a rebound due to the queue orders. On the other hand, the resistance level for Sembcorp Marine share price is $0.205. This is because there are 173 queue orders amounting to 33,916,300.

I have shared that Sembcorp Industries is the best stock that I have ever invested in. In late September 2020, I bought 35,000 shares when Sembcorp Industries stock was trading at $1.35. Then on 7 December, I decided to …

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DBS Group share price to test $30 mark?

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Will the coming financial result set DBS Group share price on fire? While OCBC share price is on a roll following three consecutive of net profit growth, things had not been so rosy at DBS Group. In third quarter, the bank announced a stunning 22% decline in net profit for 4QFY2020 on a quarter-to-quarter basis. Against this backdrop, DBS Group share price could be at an intriguing cross-road.

Unlike OCBC and UOB, DBS Bank should be viewed as a pure-play growth stock. This is because its key businesses are entrenched mainly in banking and wealth management sectors. On the other hand, OCBC and UOB are known to have substantial stakes in non-financial sectors like property development (UOL), stock brokerage (UOB Kay Hian), insurance (Great Eastern), etc. In view of this, DBS Group share price movements are highly sensitive to macro-economic conditions and also its top-line growth.

DBS Group share price

Indeed, DBS Group share price explosive surge since November 2020 was largely due to the COVID-19 vaccination, which ignited hopes of global economic recovery in 2021. Arising from this, institutional funds started to rotate out of technology stocks and poured funds into bank stocks, pushing DBS Group share price to nearly the record high of $30 (pre-COVID level). Question now is whether DBS Group share price can sustain existing bull run.

Unlike OCBC, DBS management did not carry out share buybacks since Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) guided local banks to cease share buybacks to preserve liquidity.  Perhaps, the management did not think that DBS Group share price is undervalued. With a Price/Book Value of 1.339, DBS Group share price is at a valuation level higher than OCBC (1.064). This could be the reason why the latter is so aggressive in share buybacks lately, presumably to close the valuation gaps between …

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OCBC share price to surge with 70% profit jump?

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP OCBC share price is ready to rock again! In my previous article written on 5 February 2021, I wrote that OCBC share price could remain sluggish if the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s measure on bank share buybacks is firmly set in place. Since that fateful article, the management retaliated by launching a series of shares buybacks. For sure, the slew of share buybacks by OCBC caught me by surprise. Nonetheless, the moves provided good support for the bullish run of OCBC share price.

Although the current bullish form of OCBC share price should be attributed mainly to the improving economic conditions, the resumption of the share buybacks will bode well for OCBC share price. In comparison to DBS and UOB, OCBC is considered the most aggressive when it comes to share buybacks in recent years. In fact, the series of share buybacks in March and April 2020 enabled OCBC share price to make a swift recovery from the low of $7.80.

OCBC share price

Incidentally, the share buybacks also occurred at a time when Deputy President and Head of Global Wholesale Banking Helen Wong will take over as Group CEO from April 15. With a recovering OCBC share price, it seems that the new CEO will start her tenure on a positive note. But of more interest to investors should be the bank financial performances, which could shape OCBC share price performances for the rest of FY2021.

Although the share buybacks will provide nice support for OCBC share price, they are unsustainable if the bank is unable to deliver good financial results. On this note, I think there is light at end of tunnel as net profits for OCBC bank increased for three consecutive quarters. Based on this trend, I am cautiously optimistic that 1st quarter financial result …

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Mapletree Logistics Trust (M44U) to hit $2.50?

SIGN UP FOR $10 TO UNLOCK ALL ARTICLES! Amid the onset of pandemic, many S-REITs have been adversely impacted due to the lockdowns in global cities and travel restrictions. Among the badly hit sectors are those S-REITs with core businesses in shopping malls and hospitality. Mapletree Logistics Trust (M44U) is one of the few S-REITs that bucked the trend.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Mapletree Logistics Trust (M44U) went on a crazy acquisition spree. Within the span of a year, the portfolio increased from 145 to 163 properties comprising 52 properties in Singapore, 9 in Hong Kong SAR, 18 in Japan, 30 in China, 12 in Australia, 15 in Malaysia, 18 in South Korea, 7 in Vietnam and 2 in India. The total value of assets under management is approximately $10.6 billion.

Mapletree Logistics Trust M44U

MLT share price at record high

Mapletree Logistics Trust in amazing form

Crazy Rich Mapletree Logistics Trust

Scary growth project of Mapletree Logistics Trust

In FY20/21, Mapletree Logistics Trust(M44U) acquired 18 properties, as compared to nine in FY19/20. The aggressive acquisition spree indicates that the management is confident of a global economy recovery in 2021. Indeed, despite the recent resurgence of COVID-19 infections, Mapletree Logistics Trust portfolio remains resilient. As of 3QFY20/21, the portfolio occupancy stood at 97.1%.

Given the slew of acquisitions, the upcoming full-year financial result should be excellent. In this regard, investors should be looking forward to the release of the full-year financial result, which is likely to set the unit price on fire. For 9MFY20/21, the net property income has already increased 11.9% to $324 million. However, due to the many acquisitions conducted for the past few months, the DPU increased by a mere 1.2% to 6.165 cents for 9MFY20/21.

In my opinion, Mapletree Logistics Trust bears the hallmark of a good company on …

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