OCBC share price on the way to $11

Sign up for only $19.99! On 9 November 2020, I wrote that OCBC share price was poised for an upturn and could potentially hit $10.00. Since then, OCBC share price went on a splendid run to smash past $10.00 within a span of just two weeks. The superb form of OCBC share price caught many investors, including myself, by surprise.

The main catalyst for OCBC share price should be attributed to the possibility of COVID-19 vaccination deployment in December, sparking widespread pent-up expectations of macroeconomic recovery in 2021. Indeed, 2020 has been such a wretched year for OCBC share price that any positive developments in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic raise expectations of a global economic recovery.

OCBC share price

Another catalyst for OCBC share price was the Lion Global Investors’ listing of tech-focused ETF on SGX. The ETF tracks technology companies listed in Hang Seng. As Lion Global Investors is the asset management arm of OCBC, the ETF should give OCBC share price a shot in the arm and fuel the bullish form of OCBC share price.

The third driving force for OCBC share price should be the stellar performance of its wealth management unit – Bank of Singapore. The acquisition of Barclay’s wealth management business in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2016, coupled with the acquisition of National Australia Bank’s wealth management business in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2017, bolstered the wealth management’s clout.

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Will that fits the bill

By Lena Teng, CFP®, Acting Head of Solutions and Investment Lead, MoneyOwl

Amongst all the pillars of financial management, from savings to investments to retirement planning, will-writing is definitely the one that’s most misunderstood.

A will is a legal document through which a person declares how his/her assets will be distributed in the event of death. A simple internet search on ‘will-writing’ brings you to a long list of suggestions, of which a good number of them focus only on breaking down its misconceptions and common myths. The immense number of articles on this just goes to show that many are still unsure of this confusing and misunderstood aspect of financial planning.


This is a significant knowledge gap that needs to be addressed—as it contributes a big part to why will-writing remains to be a taboo topic amongst most in Singapore, with 56% of adult Singaporeans reporting that they have not made a will.
Will writing is not only crucial, but also a surprisingly simpler process compared to all other aspects of financial planning. The quick questionnaire below will help you unpack the seemingly mysterious concept of will-writing.

Question 1. Which of these is closest to the sum left unclaimed over the last 6 years by those who died without naming a beneficiary ?

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DBS Group Holdings share price in India adventure

Sign up for only $19.99! Since early November 2020, DBS Group Holdings share price went on an explosive run, surging from $20.35 to a high of $25.00 on 23 November. The driving factors for the bullish run of DBS Group Holdings share price were the excellent 3rd quarter financial result, the 95% efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine trial and Joe Biden being confirmed as the new President of United States.

Nonetheless, DBS Group Holdings share price turned cold turkey after the stunning announcement of a proposed merger of its wholly owned subsidiary, DBS Bank India Limited (DBIL), with the ailing Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Market reactions were mixed, causing DBS Group Holdings share price to lose steam.

DBS Group Holdings riding the storm

DBS Group Holdings share price & Piyush Gupta

DBS Group Holdings share in bloodbath with Hin Leong

DBS Group Holdings share in explosive meltdown

DBS Group share price in dark chapter with virus

DBS Group Holdings share price ambushed by coronavirus?

DBS Group Holdings share price

Obviously, many Singapore investors are still miffing over the epic multi-billion fines meted out by Indian court against Singtel in November 2019. That saga caused Singtel to record its first quarterly loss amounting to a whopping $668 million.

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Keppel REIT share price to explode with special dividends?

Sign up for only $19.99! My last article on Keppel REIT share price was in October 2019. Obviously, that was before the implosion of COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the landscape has changed drastically and Keppel REIT share price was not spared from the unfolding events.

Recently, the management team provided a business update to the local finance bloggers community. I had the privilege to attend the briefing and had the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into this leading commercial REIT. For the longest time, I have been interested in investing in an S-REIT. In this article, I will share the investment merits and cons of Keppel REIT share price.

Keppel REIT share price

In the previous update, I have shared that the management had been aggressively buying back units from the market. Since then, the management went on to conduct even more units buybacks in 2020. The amount of units buybacks was truly breath-taking – at 95.3 million units since 3QFY2018. The massive units buybacks provided critical support for the stock as Keppel REIT share price bounced from $0.90 on 24 March to a high of $1.20 on 10 June 2020.

While it is very common for listed companies to conduct shares buybacks, I believe Keppel REIT is the only S-REIT to do units buybacks.

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Sembcorp share price dances with potential India IPO

Sign up for only $19.99! Post-demerger with Sembcorp Marine, Sembcorp share price turned bullish to hit a high of $1.69 on 13 November. Within a span of merely two months, Sembcorp share price rose a stunning 44%, making this counter one of the best stocks, if not the best, in Singapore Exchange.

Could rumours of the blockbuster listing of subsidiary, Sembcorp Energy India Limited (SEIL), sparked the explosive rally of Sembcorp share price? Even if the IPO did not materialize in 2020, the release of SEIL’s half yearly result on 13 November certainly gave Sembcorp share price plenty of boost.

Sembcorp Industries share price will hit $3.00

Sembcorp Industries to smash $3.00 with India IPO?

Sembcorp Industries share price to hit $5.00 after demerger?

Sembcorp share price

SEIL announced a net profit of Rs3.57 billion ($55 million) for 1HFY2020, reversing losses of Rs164 million ($3 million) in 1HFY2019. The financial result of SEIL is certainly encouraging and will surely lend support to the IPO as it indicates that the market condition has improved in India. Against this backdrop, Sembcorp share price turned bullish for the couple of months.

In October, the management also implemented a slew of initiatives that helped to push up Sembcorp share price.

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Wilmar share price to explode with India IPO?

Sign up for only $19.99! Following the listing of subsidiary Yihai Kerry Arawana (YKA), Wilmar share price surged to a high of $4.70 before plunging to a low of $4.00 in October. The fall of Wilmar share price confounded plenty of investors as the market capitalization of Wilmar represented half of its value of holding in YKA at the point of the IPO. This is indeed a very strange phenomenon!

Wilmar share price is prone to movement of the big boys because in FY2019 annual report, the number of shares held by public constituted just only 28%. This means that the major shareholders have a major influence on the share price movement. Indeed, Wilmar share price took a beating in August 2020 when major shareholder, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), sold 170.5 million Wilmar at $4.40. In addition to that, ADM had entered into a stock-borrow arrangement in respect of its Wilmar shares in connection with its offering of US$300,000,000 zero coupon exchangeable bonds.

Wilmar share price

To halt the rapid slump of Wilmar share price, the management went on the offensive to rescue the stock – ranging from shares buybacks, announcement of special dividend, insider buying and reporting a stellar 3rd quarter financial result.

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OCBC share price to explode to $10.00?

Sign up for only $19.99! Those who stay invested during crises will be duly rewarded while those who didn’t would look back and rue missing the opportunities. In this context, will OCBC share price explode to $10.00 in the coming weeks?

With Joe Biden being confirmed as the new President of United States, many investors expect a bull run in the stock market. In my view, it does not matter whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden becomes the next President because the result will only remove uncertainties for institutional players to return to the stock market. Post-election, investors should be looking at earning growth among companies. In this regard, OCBC share price could be poised for an upturn.

OCBC share price

OCBC share price held ransom by Great Eastern

OCBC share price ambushed by MAS

OCBC share price in horror show

OCBC share price in explosive free fall

OCBC share price in devastating bloodbath

3rd quarter business update could be the pivotal catalyst that sets OCBC share price on fire. The latest financial report showed that the venerable bank recorded net profit of $1.03 billion for 3QFY2020, representing 41% higher than the previous quarter. The higher net profit was driven by lower allowances.

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DBS Group Holdings share price riding the storm

Sign up for only $19.99! Following the release of 3rd quarter business update, it seems to me that DBS Group Holdings share price is set for a much-anticipated rebound. The latest report showed that total allowances for 3rd quarter shrank to $554 million. This amount is significantly lower than the $1.94 billion recorded for the 1st half.

The drop in allowances could spark the revival for DBS Group Holdings share price as the bank navigates the fallout from COVID-19. In my opinion, this is the best window of opportunity to invest in this counter as Singapore’s GDP expanded by 7.9% on quarter in the third quarter of 2020. As DBS is the biggest lender in Singapore, DBS Group Holdings share price will be among the first stocks to benefit from the country’s recovery.

DBS Group Holdings share price

DBS Group Holdings share price & Piyush Gupta

DBS Group Holdings share in bloodbath with Hin Leong

DBS Group Holdings share in explosive meltdown

DBS Group share price in dark chapter with virus

DBS Group Holdings share price ambushed by coronavirus?

The latest financial result is certainly impressive as third quarter’s net profit jumped 4% on quarter to $1.30 billion while fee income rises 17% to pre-COVID levels.

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CapitaLand share price plunged 11% within a month

Sign up for only $19.99! Has CapitaLand share price bottomed? October had been a terrifying month for CapitaLand share price as the counter crashed 11%, falling from $2.80 to a low of $2.50. What has led to the turbulence for CapitaLand share price?

In my point of view, the bearish form of CapitaLand share price could be attributed to more of a combination of factors than a sole underlying problem. The build-up to the US Presidential Election had led to a very volatile stock market in October. Most of the Straits Times Index (STI) components suffered carnage and CapitaLand share price was no exception.

CapitaLand share price

CapitaLand share price worth $5.00?

CapitaLand share price flying with Liang Court redevelopment

CapitaLand share price set for explosive bull run?

CapitaLand share price and the Golden Job

The second factor that punctured the form of CapitaLand share price could be the fallout from COVID-19 pandemic. Data revealed that many of its malls were still giving rental waivers to tenants in 3QFY2020. For example, Raffles City reported lower revenue and net property income mainly due to grant of $15.2 million rent waivers to tenants. 4 November will be destiny day for CapitaLand share price as the Group will report the third quarter update.

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