The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, the When & the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy

SG Wealth Builder is excited to be given the opportunity to review the book “The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, the When & the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy (April 2015; Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-119-07783-1). The authors of this work, John Lee and Vincent Wong, reveal intimate stories from their past, right up to the present day.

I like many of the key money principles defined in the book because they are aligned to my philosophies as well. I agree with the authors that money solves the problem that not having money creates. In life, we cannot deny the fact that money plays an important role in our society and in many cases, can help to solve many of our daily problems.

The current haze situation in Singapore drives home the importance of what money can do for you. If you have infants or elderly at home, would you not spare some cash to buy air purifiers so that your loved ones can have better quality of life? Conversely, if you are financially struggling and have been living from pay check to pay check, would you not feel guilty for not doing anything for your loved ones?

Wealth Dragon

Having money certainly gives you choices, to either do good or to keep the money for your children. Having money allows you to enrich yourself, like going for vacations or taking courses to upgrade your knowledge. On the other hand, if you are poor, if you are restricted to do less things because you can’t afford to give your loved ones a better life, much less helping others.

The reason for so much frustrations among many Singaporeans stem from their anxiety and fear over their retirement savings, or the lack of them, for their twilight years. The problem is further exacerbated by the high cost of living and stiff competition for high paying jobs with foreign immigrants. But can Singaporeans do something for themselves and change their lives for the better? Indeed we can and must take actions before its too late. Learn to manage money before it manages you.

Like the authors, I share the same view that real estate holds the key to your financial destiny. If you play the game right, property investment can certainly help to build your wealth.


‘The Wealth Dragon Way’ Shares 20 Years of Combined Wealth Creation Philosophies to Help Individuals Quit the Rat Race, Shows Path to Financial Success

The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, the When & the How to Become Infinitely Wealthy (April 2015; Paperback; ISBN: 978-1-119-07783-1) is a new ‘go-to’ read for those seeking to change their lives, based on the psychology of money and how we can all achieve ‘infinite wealth’ in our lifetime. The authors of this work, two Anglo-Chinese self-made millionaires, ‘Wealth Dragons’ John Lee and Vincent Wong, reveal intimate stories from their past, right up to the present day, detailing their own Wealth Dragon Way. The key message for anyone reading this book is that we are all capable of changing our financial future; regardless of our age or the life we were born into. John and Vincent will show you how to build assets and create passive income through property investing and business ownership. But the starting point is you and your personal relationship with money. This work is published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb), a global provider of knowledge and knowledge-enabled services that improve outcomes in research, professional practice, and education.

Commenting on the launch of this book, co-authors, John Lee and Vincent Wong, said:-

“We both grew up knowing what was expected of us by our families; what was traditional and deemed ‘acceptable in life’. Our parents’ generation took the safest road possible, they did not tolerate failure, and they took no risks. This was a cultural expectation as much as a life expectation. We believe that in life, if you don’t take risks you don’t move. Every action we take, whether it is our first ‘baby’ steps or setting up a business, there is risk involved. Entrepreneurs embrace risk because they understand this is part of the enlightened path towards infinite wealth.”

Providing real-life examples of how the authors built their significant property investment portfolios from 20 years of combined experience, The Wealth Dragon Way shares invaluable top tips and strategies that can help define and create ‘the why, the when and the how to become infinitely wealthy’. Lee and Wong highlight daily challenges that prevent some individuals from truly taking control of their financial future, and challenge readers to own up to and take control of their own ‘life procrastination’. Finally, the book reveals ten of the most important guiding principles to become ‘A Wealth Dragon’.

In uncertain economic times, there are many people who want more control over their financial future but don’t know what to do or where to start. Certainly, there are many strategies towards building a passive income, and for that reason, The Wealth Dragon Way uniquely combines a hands-on and practical guide to building personal wealth, with a strong motivational message which helps the reader to question the underlying reasons and obstacles that may have prevented them from achieving their financial goals in the past.

The Wealth Dragon Way introduces readers to a whole new fresh perspective on personal wealth that unlocks any individual’s potential for growth, both monetarily and on a more holistic level. Readers will discover new truths about the subject of wealth and create a personal ‘Wealth Dragon Way’.

The Wealth Dragon Way is available in paperback format at all major bookstores and online retailers. To order directly from the publisher, visit: or visit the authors’ website at:



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