My thoughts on “Letter about leaving Singapore”

Recently, I came across an article featuring “Letter about leaving Singapore”. I felt compelled to blog down my feelings as the letter struck a chord with me.

Like the author, I feel very jaded living in Singapore. In fact, last year, my wife and me were seriously contemplating leaving Singapore for Australia. In the end, we aborted our plan because of our aged parents. We love them too much and thought that we should not be so selfish and left them behind in Singapore.

Leaving Singapore

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer
Friends and colleagues often tell me that Singapore has become a playground for the rich people. To a large extent, I agreed with them. Very often, there were articles of rich tycoons snapping up landed properties in prime district area or making big profits from stocks and shares. The rich get richer.

On the other hand, many middle-income and low-income earners hardly get by in Singapore with their incomes. Many of them are in debts, have hefty hospital bills to settle or just not earning enough to survive. How can you be happy and live a fulfilling life if you are constantly worried about bills, loans and debts? How can you remain motivated if you are hungry and desperate?

Trapped in the rat race
Whilst I have a job that provides a decent lifestyle for my family, I always feel like being trapped in the money-chasing rat race. My dream is to be my own boss or be a full time investor.

But at this stage of my life, it is not possible for me to pursue the entrepreneurship or investment path as my family depends on me as the sole breadwinner to bring food on the table. Of course, things aren’t going to be status-quo and I have set myself certain personal targets to meet in the short term. Within 6 years, I have plans to achieve financial freedom. Thereafter, I hope I have the opportunity to pursue my ideal lifestyle and dreams.

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