Month: December 2010

Gold; silver

UOB Gold Saving Account

I sold off my holdings in my UOB Gold Saving Account during the 1st week of December and made 5% return on my investments. It was quite a decent profit considering the fact that I held the investment for only 3 weeks.

Nowadays you will not be able to get this amount of profit even if you put your money in a fixed deposit account. The best thing about UOB Gold Saving Account is the liquidity: you can sell off your investment anytime you want and make quick profits!

Gold Savings Accounts (GSA)/Silver Savings Accounts (SSA) can be opened at any UOB branch in Singapore from Mondays to Fridays during banking hours. You may choose to have a passbook or receive statements of accounts in respect of your GSA or SSA.

Investing in UOB Gold Saving Account is relatively straightforward but investors need to be aware of the risk involved. The gold and silver market is volatile and that the investments in gold and silver are not guaranteed by the Bank nor insured under the Deposit Insurance Scheme. So during a financial crisis, there may be a remote possibility of losing all your investments in the gold saving account.

But the most important thing that investors need to note is that the account balances cannot be exchanged for or converted to physical gold or silver or gold certificates.

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India Sourcing Fair (Dec 6-8 2011, Suntec City Int’l Convention & Exhibition Centre))

Hot on the heel after the recently held China Sourcing Fair in November 2010 is the India Sourcing Fair. It would be held in Singapore’s Suntec City Int’l Convention and Exhibition Centre from Dec 6 to 8 2011.

You may use this opportunity to diversify your supply base with new manufacturers from India.With various suppliers from different industries, the India Sourcing Fair in Singapore can help to add variety to your product line and differentiate your business. You may also use this chance to target a niche market – the Indian’s market in Singapore. The opportunities are aplenty, it depends on how you strategize and play your game.

The various products on offer are:
1) Home products
2) Gifts and premiums
3) Fashion and accessories
4) Garments and textiles
5) Food and beverage
6) Hardware and building materials
7) Machinery and industrial supplies

For more information, check out Please note that this fair is for trade only and strictly no retail or sample sales. Attendess must be 18 and above.

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