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Local movie producer mm2 Asia rolls out Red Carpet Club; Shareholders can enjoy preview of Ah Boys to Men 3 ahead of the movie’s release

Local movie producer and distributor, mm2 Asia Ltd has launched the Red Carpet Club, a programme targeted exclusively at shareholders and investors of the Group. Up to 200 movie tickets of the preview screening on 16 February 2015 to be given away to shareholders · The cast of the movie will be present · Preview […]

BullionStar explained the difference between spot price and price premium for precious metals

Below is an article from BullionStar, a bullion dealer based in Singapore where you can buy and store gold and silver at competitive prices. BullionStar was established in 2012 after Singapore government exempted investment grade precious metals from the goods and services tax (GST). Just like BullionStar, one of the the goals of SG Wealth […]

Ruthless paycut

Last week, my colleagues had a briefing session conducted by HR Director who announced that our variable specialist allowances would be removed with effect 1 January 2015.When he made the announcement and solicited for our feedback, there was at least 5 minutes of silence. Everyone was too shell-shocked to react. Since last year, there were […]

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