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K1 Venture shares

Join the forum discussion on this postI have previously written an article on ISOTeam, a facilities maintenance company based in Singapore. This article is to provide an update on the latest developments of ISOTeam. On 31 May 2016, the company announced the securing of private and public sector contracts worth $26.32 million. The contracts will have […]

TalkMed Group Ltd

Haw Par stock

Join the forum discussion on this postIn the context of Singapore’s ageing demographic trend, healthcare and medical services companies are expected to continue to grow in the coming years because of the increasing demands for specialized medical treatments and growing affluence in South-East Asia countries. Riding on this wave, Singapore’s TalkMed Group Ltd may be […]

Gold and silver on fire


Join the forum discussion on this postIn the aftermath of Brexit, investors scramble for safe haven assets and set gold and silver on fire. The precious metals have climbed to new highs in recent weeks as investors realize that even a stable currency like Sterling pound can drop in value over-night. As investors pile into […]


K1 Venture shares

Join the forum discussion on this postIf you are a high net worth individual, you would certainly not want to take chances with your wealth. Usually wealthy individuals would choose private banking because of their specialized financial needs and the desire for discretion. In Singapore, there are many banks that offer private banking services and […]

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